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Monday, September 26, 2011

Last Chance to Buy the Anthology

One of the cool things about having a book out? Getting to participate in things like this:
Baskets full of Omnific author's books in a raffle for MS

There's a special bond between authors at a small press, as we all have a common shared experience. My publisher, Omnific Publishing, encourages their authors to share ideas and support each other, and they lead by example in giving back. In July Omnific  partnered with the Save the Ta-Tas Foundation to release an anthology of romantic short stories for young adults: Summer Breeze All proceeds will be donated to Save the Ta-Tas to support breast cancer research!  Which is awesome, but the anthology is only offered through September 30th (after which, Omnific will be making their donation).

My short fiction in the anthology, Full Speed Ahead, is a light-hearted romantic read and a fun afterstory with the crew from Life, Liberty, and Pursuit. If you enjoyed Life, Liberty, and Pursuit, then Full Speed Ahead will be a tasty dessert of Navy men and romance. If you haven't read Life, Liberty, and Pursuit, consider it an appetizer. :)
Full Speed Ahead
When Teagan's Navy linguist boyfriend pulls extra duties a thousand miles away at the Great Lakes Naval Station, she suspects he's stepping out on her. Or worse, the Navy is acting like a demanding mistress again, something she can't compete with. But when a charity fashion show turns her suspicions upside down, she has to face whether she's cut out to be a Navy wife.
Summer Breeze includes stories from six other Omnific authors. You'll find "breezy" romantic reading in Carol Oates’ Irish mythical storytelling, Jennifer Lane’s sassy swimmer, and Hannah Downing’s second chance at first love. Nicki Elson spins a beautiful tale of remembered love, Killian McRae employs a modern twist with her technology-based romance, and Sarah Glover tells the story of best friends’ summer discovery.

Summer Breeze Anthology
Thank you for supporting Save the Ta-Tas!


  1. What a fantastic idea, and how nice that your publisher encourages it! Love the cover of the anthology.

  2. What great support and a great avenue to get your work out into many hands while helping a great cause.

  3. Yes, absolutely, the more ta-tas in the world, the better! Thanks for getting the word out.

  4. Very cool, and how great that you guys have a little support network like that. It makes total sense, since you're all under the same umbrella! And what a great way to market and support. Yay! :o)

  5. It's a great cause and a fantastic idea. (I do like that cover too)

  6. Oh wow Susan! That's awesome that your publisher encourages authors to work together. I've benefited from such great relationships with other authors and have learned a lot too!

  7. @LM Omnific really is a great example of how small publishers can create a warm environment for authors! They, and the Omni authors, are a pleasure to work with! :)

  8. Thank you for supporting such an amazing cause, Sue! My mother has lived with Multiple Sclerosis for over 22 years now. It's a rough road for the patient as well as the family. (I've linked to you in my post today! Thanks for your encouraging message the other day.)

  9. What an awesome publisher. I just read Nicki's book, published by Omnific. I still have not forgotten Life, Liberty and Pursuit, Susan :-) There are just too many good books out there.

  10. @Susan I know what you mean about having too many books to read! But thank you for thinking of me! And yes, Omnific is pretty awesome. :)


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