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Friday, October 28, 2011

Open Minds Sneak Peek (Virtual Launch Party Nov. 1st!)

The Virtual Launch Party is almost here! Once you've trick-or-treated and packed away that Star Trek Godzilla Ghostbusters costume, stop by on November 1st for some virtual confetti and a whole lot of fun!

With over 40 Party Hosts joining the celebration, you'll find:

Posts about #keepingOPENMINDS 
(brightening the blogosphere with stories of tolerance making the world a better place)

Reviews of Open Minds
(from blogger-friends with e-ARCs who have already read the book)

Guest Posts by yours truly
(on things like the Story of Open Minds and Inventing the Future: Mindjacking and a Guest Drawg post that illustrates very clearly why I should never be allowed to draw)

And there will be PRIZES 
(because seriously, what's a party without party favors?)

For Party Hoppers who join the fun, I'll be giving away
Open Books Encourage Open Minds gear
(because opening a book can truly open your mind)

Grand Prize: t-shirt (in the male or female variety)

Not Quite Grand, But Still Cool Prize: mug

Fashionable and Fun Prize(s): 
19 Open Books, Open Minds wrist bands
(so you can flaunt your support of literacy)
(the wristbands support TheLiteracySite and contributed to
the purchase of books for a school in Rwanda. Yay!)

1) Stop by on November 1st. I will have links to all the Party Hosts.
2) Pick and choose which posts you'd like to visit. Every comment you leave is an entry for prizes.
3) Tweet or FB about the Virtual Party. Every one of those counts as an entry too.
(Somehow I will keep track of all this.)


A zero like me shouldn’t take public transportation.

The hunched driver wrinkled a frown before I even got on the bus. Her attempt to read my mind would get her nothing but the quiet of the street corner where I stood. I kept my face neutral. Nobody trusted a zero to begin with, but scowling back would only make the driver more suspicious. I gripped my backpack and gym bag tighter and climbed the grime-coated steps. The driver’s mental command whooshed the door closed behind me.

Yeah, junior year was off to a fantastic start already.

To read the entire first chapter, click on the tab at the top that says SNEAK PEEK.

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who has signed up to make the Virtual Party all kinds of fun! I can't wait to Party with ya'll on Tuesday, November 1st!

p.s. no post on Monday as I get ready for Tuesday's Big Party. See you then!

UPDATE: (early reviews)
Joanna Marple's review of Open Minds is awesome and a little mind-bending (you'll see what I mean).
Lisa Gail Green's review of Open Minds has a guest interview that's perfect for Halloween!
In Adam Heine's review, Open Minds gets the ultimate praise: "It's pretty cool." :)


  1. Awesome! Can't wait for all the fun. :)

  2. Such a cavalcade of awesome! An entire herd of awesome! So exciting. Do the mugs come with coffee in them? Very exciting.

  3. I want that t-shirt!

    Looking forward to the party. You've got all kinds of awesome in store!

  4. *throws confetti*

    Party over here! Woot Woot!

    Wait, sorry, a little early.

    I got another bag. Can't wait for the fun on Nov. 1st!

  5. So excited for the party! Susan, this is the awesomest book launch I've seen in all my years of internetting. You are a rock star!

  6. AHH!!! SUSAN!!! That teaser is terrific! Can't wait for the virtual launch--whee! :o) <3

  7. Just a few more days to the big launch! Woo hoo! In the meantime, have a happy Halloween!

  8. Can I say- I love your first line!

    Can't wait.

  9. @Everyone UPDATE: I forgot to include a link to Joanna Marple's review which posted today! <>

  10. Yea, Susan!

    It was fun snapping a photo with Kai last night with your book on her Kindle. Can't wait to read your book. :)

  11. @MPax Yay! I love that picture!! Anyone have a copy of Open Minds? Want to add to the "Open Minds Sightings!" photo album?

  12. How exciting! I have to take a look at Chapter One!

  13. I'm so excited for you, Susan!! You've done a wonderful job coordinating everything--it's going to be GREAT! :-)

  14. Wow, awesome! I am excited to read your book! :D

  15. I'm going to mention this in my blog post on Tuesday, hopefully I'll be able to send some more people your way!!! :o)

  16. oooo cool t-shirt...I'm so excited for you and the launch. Congratulations, Susan!

  17. Whoop whooooop! I just finished it last night and I LOVED it! Such a great concept and wonderfully told.

  18. Best party EVER! I'll just have virtual snacks so I won't gain weight. OPEN MINDS is definitely party worthy!

  19. Looks like fun! Can't wait for the partay! :)

  20. Yay, Sue, I'm so excited for you! Thank God I got my computer back today (it was the hard drive that died) so I can publish my review in time for your party tomorrow. Woo hoo! Celebrate! Celebrate!

  21. It's going to be a great party! I'm so excited about going to bed tonight...Guess what I'm going to start reading? So excited!