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Monday, November 7, 2011

Blog Tour: When Paranormal Doesn't Mean Creatures, and How I Cheat at Research

The Open Minds Book Blog Tour continues apace, with lots of goodies queued up for your sampling pleasure.

SUNDAY, November 6th
Letters Inside Out (YA Book Reviews)
Yesterday, Amanda at Letters Inside Out posted her review of Open Minds.

"Open Minds is the type of book that keeps you guessing and makes you wonder just what you'd do in the same situation. I still am not sure!"

Just the kind of thing I like to hear. Thank you, Amanda!

MONDAY, November 7th
Letters Inside Out (YA Book Reviews)
Today, I'm guest posting at Letters Inside Out:

"When Paranormal Doesn't Mean Creatures"
in which I talk about writing a novel that doesn't quite fit what everyone expects. I'll also be giving away a copy of Open Minds - e-book or paper copy, winner's choice (sorry US only for the paper copy) so hop over to check it out.

That's Write (LT Moore)
The lovely and talented Leigh T. Moore is also hosting my guest post:

"Research: How I Cheat"
As the Navy Seals say, If you're not cheating, you're not trying hard enough. :)

TUESDAY, November 8th

A Trail of Books Left Behind
On Tuesday, Megan at Trail of Books is posting her review of Open Minds.
"I was pleasantly surprised by this unique and fresh story. The way that Susan set it up, made it seem like something that could happen in the future."
 Thank you, Megan, for the great review!

Summary of Ongoing Giveaways:
Scribblers' Cove Two E-Book Giveaway, open until 11/30
Word Spelunking Book Blogger  E-Book Giveaway, open until 11/9
Random Thoughts Bookmark and Paper/E-Book Giveaway, open until 11/17
The Reading Housewives of Indiana E-Book Giveaway, open until 11/18
Letters Inside Out (YA Book Reviews) E-Book or Paper Giveaway, Reader's Choice, open until 11/14


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