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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New Author Blog Hop

At the last minute, I jumped on board with a New Author Blog Hop! I'm not so "new" but my newest release is...

Open Minds (Book One of the Mindjack Trilogy)

When everyone reads minds, a secret is a dangerous thing to keep.

Sixteen-year-old Kira Moore is a zero, someone who can’t read thoughts or be read by others. Zeros are outcasts who can’t be trusted, leaving her no chance with Raf, a regular mindreader and the best friend she secretly loves. When she accidentally controls Raf’s mind and nearly kills him, Kira tries to hide her frightening new ability from her family and an increasingly suspicious Raf. But lies tangle around her, and she’s dragged deep into a hidden world of mindjackers, where having to mind control everyone she loves is just the beginning of the deadly choices before her.


"Wow - just when I was getting a little bored of YA a book like this comes along and just wows me back! ... I was holding my breath right up until the last page." - Mel's Random Reviews

"Wow oh Wow! I just inhaled this book. Quinn is an amazing author with an even more amazing imagination. In some ways Kira reminds me a lot of Katniss from the Hunger Games series." - TwiMom101 Book Blog

"I'm not entirely sure Susan Kaye Quinn didn't jack into my mind herself to make me fall in love with this book! This book is full of awesome." - Jade Hanke's Review
Open Minds was released on November 1st, and is available for $2.99 on Amazon and Barnes&Noble. The Mindjack Trilogy has its own website, where you can find the latest on the sequel Closed Hearts as well as a list of ONGOING E-BOOK GIVEAWAYS!

Two more Indelibles authors have releases coming up after Thanksgiving, including:

Severed by Megg Jensen $3.99 on Amazon
 Tangled Tides by Karen Hopper has just released! She's having a web celebration on her blog that day.
(The first book of the Cloud Prophet Trilogy, Anathema, is free on Amazon.)

Here are links to the other New Authors on the Hop ... Enjoy!


  1. Hey, it's not how new you are, it's how new you feel. :)

  2. Look at all those fab authors! What a great idea.

  3. Wow Girlfriend! You're amazing love the covers on the books!

  4. Great idea: Can I add a link to FLOATING POINT? It's about how we cut an awful commute by moving to a boat. PB published in Aug. 11.

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  6. Congrats on the awesome reviews, Susan. All are deserved. :D

  7. hi miss susan!
    yikes! so much cool authors and books! for sure i cant keep up with all of them but for sure im keeping up with you. :)
    ...hugs from lenny


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