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Friday, November 4, 2011

Open Minds Blog Tour

I'm reposting the details of the Blog Tour today, with updated info about the contest timelines. In short, there's lots of chances to win an e-book (and in some cases paper) copy of Open Minds during the Blog Tour, so be sure to stop by and enter.

Summary of Giveaways this week:
Word Spelunking Book Blogger  E-Book Giveaway, open until November 9th
Random Thoughts Bookmark and Paper/E-Book Giveaway, open until November 17th
The Reading Housewives of Indiana E-Book Giveaway, open until November 18th!

See Details Below ...

WEDNESDAY, November 2nd

Word Spelunking Book Blogger
"THREE WORDS: Suspenseful. Innovative. Thought-Provoking…okay, so technically that’s four words but I added a hyphen between thought and provoking  so that makes it one word…right?!"

Aeicha has posted her review of Open Minds, along with a quick 10 question interview, in which I talk about using European male models to cast Raf and Simon (characters in the story). It's a hard life, but someone's gotta do it.

This is an incredibly thorough and in-depth review of Open Minds. Thanks to Aeicha for putting such wonderful thought and analysis into her review!

Also: I'm giving away an e-book copy of Open Minds! Stop by Word Spelunking to enter! (Giveaway open 11/2-11/9.)

THURSDAY, November 3rd
TwiMom101 Book Blog
Mandy will post her review of Open Minds, along with her own 10 Question Super Short interview, in which I reveal my favorite movie actor (hint: it has to do with kissing, of course).

Random Thoughts
Sharon Mayhew is interviewing me over at her blog today! She asks lots of great questions, including whether self-publishing my son's book was a dry run for Open Minds (answer: not exactly). Stop by and a lucky commenter will win a bookmark and a copy of Open MindsGiveaway open until November 17th!

FRIDAY, November 4th
The Reading Housewives of Indiana
Jacinda posted her review of Open Minds, and is hosting an e-book giveaway. Stop by to enter! Giveaway open until November 18th!

AND ON SATURDAY SHE RESTED(translation: I need a nap. Maybe two.)


Also: Posting may be sporadic during the Blog Tour (11/2 - 11/18). (Also, I'm embarking on NaNoWriMo, heaven help me.) After that, I promise the blog will get back to regular posting, and Open Minds won't be all I talk about!


  1. Oh good luck in NaNo!! I'm doing it too... this will be my second year but my first year shouldn't really count since I didn't actually even try for 50,000 in a month. And once again, congrats on your book!!

  2. Enjoy your naps, and have fun with NaNo. :D

  3. You NaNo people always impress me. Also, great tour!

  4. NaNo and a tour? Go Susan go! I'm impressed.

  5. On the first day, She invented a Blog Tour. On the seventh day, She started twitching and gibbering loudly, endlessly repeating "Refresh button! Refresh button!"

  6. AAAARGH I'm so sorry I missed checking in during the big launch party! But I'm here now to say CONGRATULATIONS ON THE RELEASE, and that I've totally purchased OPEN MINDS for my Kindle iPhone app and am excited to read it.

    And agreed with Stina... enjoy that nap, you've earned it :)

  7. You've done such a wonderful job with your tour, Susan! I'm amazed at the organization. :-)

    P.S. I'm 14% of the way through Open Minds!

  8. Your tour was amazing and dazzling. And NaNo to boot? Wow. Enjoy your well-deserved day of rest.

  9. I'm still having fun hopping around the tour and launch party links. NaNo is my happy place. I'm off to get my inspirational smoothie and then it's butt in chair.

  10. Thanks for all the updates. You and I really need to do another interview. I'd love to chat about your process for organizing your amazing book tour. You've done a marvelous job, Susan.

  11. Congratulations on your book and the tour. You must have a lot of energy to take part in that and NaNo too! I am impressed by anyone who can churn out 50,000 words in one month!

  12. Good luck Susan, you're going to need some extra energy with all those goals you've set for yourself.

    I'll be checking some of the links later.

  13. I came over from Random Thoughts. Hope things are going well with the new book, Susan! Congratulations!


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