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Friday, November 18, 2011

Questions For Me?

The tour is coming to a close.

As I mentioned in my interview with Sherrie Petersen, I think next time I will trim up the Book Tour (same number of stops, but over a shorter time frame). The tour was targeted at reaching new readers, not the faithful (wonderful, awesome) readers of my blog, who had already partied hard with me during the launch of Open Minds.

That's one of a few (many?) lessons I've learned during the release of this novel. And I'd love to pay forward everything I've learned (on my own and from other writers).

So, I'm opening up the floor to questions! Any questions you like: about the book release, about writing, about how I manage to never clean the house and not (yet) land a spot on "Hoarders." Just leave a comment with your question, and I will address it in a future blog post.

For my FINAL blog tour stops...

A hilarious and fun review/interview by Sher A Hart: Help! I've Been Mindjacked! (note: Sher won the t-shirt prize on Launch Day but opted for a signed paper copy of Open Minds instead. How could I say no to that?)

A guest post "Slang: Using Language to Flavor Your World" in which I might have called Adam Heine a ninja.

A yummy foody interview with Ansha Kotyk!

And a stop at the The Bookish Babes...

Andrea of Bookish Babes has posted her review along with an e-book giveaway.

Summary of Giveaways:

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Random Thoughts Bookmark and Paper/E-Book Giveaway, open until 11/17
The Reading Housewives of Indiana E-Book Giveaway, open until 11/18
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Buried in Books E-Book Giveaway, open until 11/15
Mel's Random Reviews E-book Giveaway, open until 11/18
There's a Book, Ebook Giveaway, open until 11/30 Coolest. Giveaway. Form. Ever.
The Fairy Tale Nerd, E-book Giveaway
A Tale of Many ReviewsE-book Giveaway, open until 11/22
Mother LodeE-book Giveaway, open until 11/30
Ex Libris, E-book Giveaway, open until 11/25
Katie's Book Blog, E-book Giveaway, open until 11/30
Bookish Babes, E-book Giveaway, open until 11/24


Open Minds by Susan Kaye Quinn

Open Minds

by Susan Kaye Quinn

Released November 01 2011
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  1. Me me! I have a question. What surprised you about this self publishing venture in a good and a bad way?

  2. You have done and awesome and impressive job publishing your book. You my dear are now a publisher. With that said, what areas of the process do you think is better off having someone else do or manage for you?

  3. Self-publishing and marketing require that you wear a lot of different hats. How do you stay so organized and timely? I'm in awe! :)

  4. My question... Do you have an approximate date when you plan to release CLOSED HEARTS?

  5. What did you find the most useful way to reach new potential readers in the age group you intended? :D

  6. Wow. You have been so busy. This kind of stuff terrifies me. If I can't find time to finish a novel, how will I ever make time to promote it?

  7. I'll be you are ready to put your feet up and enjoy a delicious flavored coffee. My question: What did you do that you'll toss next time, and what did you do that you'll amp up?

  8. No questions just many congrats on a successful blog tour and the release of Open Minds. It's on my to-read list! Wishing you much success!

  9. Congrats on everything. It really is amazing what you have accomplished.

  10. I'd love to hear the answer to Lisa Gail Greene's question, too. Your launch and tour are super impressive. I don't know how you pulled it off, but it takes a lot of talent to do what you've done. Congratulations again. I hope you enjoy some R&R soon!

  11. Thanks for the awesome questions, everyone! Will be answering them over the next week (or two). :) Happy Weekend!

  12. Congrats on the book and the blog tour...wishing you all the best for the book!

  13. I've seen you everywhere I've gone Susan. It definitely shows a great saturation of the online market. I hope you sell a ton of books.