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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Giving Kids Books for the Holidays

I am totally that Crazy Aunt that gives books for Christmas. (And Birthdays. And any other excuse I can think of.)

I was this way long before I was an author, but it reached epic proportions after I had my own children and was surrounded by kidlit. Everything from gorgeous picture books to delightful chapter books to gripping middle grade adventures. I didn't dip into reading YA until my niece reached her teens, but then I was hooked.

If you think gifting books is just for paper copies, think again. You can gift a particular title to your Kindle owning friend as well. (Of course, there's always e-gift-cards, but where's the fun in that?) When you're checking out on Amazon (note: not available at B&N), just click "Give as a Gift". Or you can watch this video on how to gift e-books.

There's a zillion book guides this time of year. Here's just a few:

Here are some of my favorites from 2011:

Sequels I Love
If you haven't read the first books in these series, 1) You Must, and 2) Read Them All.

Hunger Games
You need to read these before the movie comes out (squeee!).

Indie Books On My TBR

Coming Up: Gift Lists for Writers and Geeks (no, those aren't the same thing)!


  1. I give books for birthdays and Christmas too!!
    I also give books to teachers with a gift card for the holidays!

  2. I'm a book giver, too! And I just adored Goliath. Leviathan may be one of my favorite series.

    I rooted through my MG books to find some for my friend's nephew and though it was difficult, I managed to part with The BFG and The Thief Lord. I just hope he likes them!

  3. Books are the best presents. We always got books on Christmas Eve.

  4. @SuperHappy How cool to open books on Christmas Eve!

  5. Great recommendations. I'm totally that crazy aunt who gives books too. I was luck enough to have an aunt who gave me books for Christmas and her gifts were always my favorites.

  6. I was so thrilled when Amazon introduced the option to gift a specific book on Kindle. Gave my friend the Hunger Games trilogy for her birthday. It was SO easy and affordable.

  7. I so should have been your niece. I loved books as a kid so I would have been that sparkly-eyed darling hugging the book to my chest lol!!

  8. LOVE getting / gifting books for Christmas!

    We're giving our boys (ages 11 - 15) books by N.D. Wilson and Alister McGrath.

    (But I'm encouraging others to give the men and boys in their lives "Knox's Irregulars" -- Hubby's book!)

  9. I gave books as presents to the people standing in my wedding. :)

  10. When i find the right book for someone that I know they'll love I buy the book. But I need recommendations first. I need to know it's a great book.

    Thankfully, I found some great ones this year for my kids and nieces.

  11. I LOVE giving books for the holidays and am trying to give one to every family member this year if possible. Love this post - reminds us all that we need to constantly support the industry we love so much:)

  12. Hooray for holiday book buying sprees! :)

  13. Thanks for the links! I want to get my cousin's daughters books for Christmas and I need some recommendations for younger readers. :)

  14. The only relative I have left who isn't fully grown is my niece, and she gets books for her birthday, Christmas, Easter, Cinco de Mayo - any reason I can think of to give her a new book. She loves reading and I love to keep her reading. Adults occasionally get a book too, although most of these don't appreciate them as much as Erin does.

    Great encouraging post!

  15. The only relative I have left who isn't fully grown is my niece, and she gets books from me on her birthday, Christmas, Easter, Cinco De Mayo, any excuse I can come up with to give her a new book. She's two and just loves reading with her daddy. I want to encourage that as much as possible. Grown-ups sometimes get books from me as well, though they don't appreciate them as much as Erin does.

  16. Though I have doubts about how well-received books will be with my kids (who are used to flashy plastic toys I hate, but they love) - but after this post I am determined to give them books, anyway. I just can't stand any more plastic stuff in the house that i end up stubbing my toes on!! I sometimes feel i am forcing them to be like me, a book lover, but Mom still knows best, right? (at least until they are teenagers!)

  17. @Allan You just keep giving those books as gifts!! :) #awesome