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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holiday Gifts for Writers

Have a writer on your Christmas list? Or are your family and friends always wondering what to get you, besides secluded time to write and a new notebook (paper or electronic)?

Here's some ideas to put on your list or pass along for your favorite writerly friends.

Moleskin Covers for Your iPad!
From Roger Parker's post on Best Gifts for Authors, these iPad covers have paper and digital together. Some may think this is an unholy marriage, but I squeed when I saw this. Now, I just need an iPad to go with it.

World's Coolest Teapot
From White Lion Teas, this delightful teapot depicts novels from Dickens to Carroll to Orwell. I own this little gem, and it's just as cool as it looks. Only serves about 2 cups, but that's okay. Writers tend to drink alone. #sad

Hand Crafted Coolness
Writers Book and Pencil EarringsEtsy is a gold mine of cool, unique, hand-crafted gifts. These earrings are handmade by ALikelyStory and practically shout WORD NERD. I wants.

Book Earrings - gold-plated pewter charms - great teacher giftThese book earrings are handmade by earringsbysusan (not me, another more talented Susan), and are a little more subtle in their bookishness, so probably suited for librarian friends and book lovers as well as writers.

Ampersand Symbol Acrylic EarringsThese ampersand earrings, on the other hand, are back to shouting WORD NERD as well as TYPOGRAPHY GEEK. They are handmade by Fabrication Unlimited and I would totally wear these and be proud.

Teach & Inspire (Custom Order for Sue)Custom crafted tennis shoes! These are handmade by ElianaG and this is a picture of the ones I had made for my mother-in-law for her birthday. It has the logo for the High School where she works and a picture of my three boys, all the things she loves. Put your creativity to work and make a unique gift for a special person.

Recycled Paper Journal - She: Me, Myself, My Days with writing prompts in kraft pine tree bark brown

These handcrafted journals by makingthishome are very cool looking. I'm coveting one of these, even as I still adore my moleskin notebooks that I tote everywhere.

If you want to combine the Writer and Christmas themes, you could go for one of these miniature book-themed Christmas Ornaments - that really open! How darn cute is that? Handcrafted by AmbJewelry.

Miniature Recycled Book Ornament - Reindeer and SnowMiniature Recycled Book Ornament - Reindeer and Snow

Ladies Long SleeveIf you're all about sporting your WORDNERDiness on a shirt, there are lots to choose from. Zazzle has a great collection, and these are just a few that caught my eye.

And Tesla WAS robbed. Don't make me come over there and prove it.

Speaking of Tesla, stop back tomorrow for GIFTS FOR GEEKS! If you're like me, either you are one, or you have one (or several) in your life.


  1. Have you seen this t-shirt:

    "I like big books, and I cannot lie."

  2. Love the shirt Don't Judge A Book By The Movie. How many great books have been turned into bad movies? Too many.

  3. LOL, Tesla was robbed. I may just have to get that for myself...

    Love the ornament idea, too, thanks, Susan!

  4. OK, I LOVE those shirts... I want to get one! Unless I can find Matt's. But it would be a lie. I typically RUN from big books.

    Started Open Minds! Now I'm DYING that I have to work and can't finish reading it... :D whee!

  5. @LTM Yay! Thanks for reading Open Mind!!

  6. Great lineup of gifts, Susan. I WANT that teapot!! And would you believe the maker of the makingthishome journals is a former student of mine?! One of my all-time favorites.

    I want Matthew's big book T-shirt! :-)

  7. I totally want the "Don't judge a book by its movie" t-shirt!

  8. Love the moleskin journal. Really.

  9. What a cool teapot!!! I am just about to post my own holiday gift ideas for writers & artists, and I'll post a link and mention to this post!

  10. great ideas.Can't wait for your gifts for geeks!

  11. Love the unique gifts! Thanks for sharing. :)

  12. I am liking those book baubles!

    I would also like a T-shirt that reads "Do not disturb; writer at work."

  13. I posted gifts for readers and writers on my blog Jenn Musing, but yours are pretty awesome too! :)

  14. HAVE to get the earrings. HAVE to get my daughter the "Don't Judge a Book by the Movie" t-shirt. Thanks you for jumpstarting my sluggish Christmas shopping.

  15. I just want books and shoes! Also, I gave you a couple of blogging awards over at my blog. Stop by and pickt them up!

  16. Thank you for including my book earrings on this gift list! I have several other styles as well and hope your readers keep my "shop" in mind for birthday and teacher gifts.