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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Guest Post - Where Ideas Come From: A Mindreading World

Kari Boardman over at From The TBR Pile has a lovely review of Open Minds, as well as a guest post from me on Where Ideas Come From: A Mindreading World (which you may remember from the Open Minds launch party).

I also have a post at Scribbler's Cove on Finding Your Writer Vision.

If that's not enough, Jeff and Terry were kind enough to video-interview me about Open Minds on Sunday Morning Coffee with Jeff. I have an allergic reaction to watching myself on video, so I can't guarantee that I look or sound reasonable, but apparently I prattled on so long the vlog had to be split into Part One and Part Two. You have been warned.

(UPDATE: Here's the interview all together, without the extras.)

AND ... stop by tomorrow for my post on How Many Book Sales Equals "Success"?

I'm seriously contemplating a Sunday afternoon nap ... I hope your weekend is wonderful!


  1. Very exciting happenings. Off to enjoy the video.

  2. Fun interview. Makes me even more restless for Book 2. Congrats on all the excitement surrounding OPEN MINDS.

    1. Yay! Hearing that people want to read the book spurs me on to write faster/better! :)


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