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Monday, March 12, 2012

The Flu Bug Striketh

And hence there is no Monday post. I leave you with this piece of awesome:
Click here to find out your Hunger Games name and which District you would have been tribute for.(Also how you died.)

Posting will resume when I can contemplate foods that aren't consumed through a straw.


  1. My name is Cup Dundermifflin, of District 6, killed by stepping on a snake. Go figure. I was never a survivor....

  2. Very amusing link--thanks, Susan! Hope you get better soon!

  3. My name is Twill Hoverdone, and I was killed by Unfortunate Timing! LOL. :-)

    Fun link, Susan! Feel better.

  4. I was in district 4 and 'killed by a mighty pen.' As long as it wasn't my own, I guess I'm good. LOL
    Hope you feel better soon.

  5. Wait... Billy Whistlewart? What?
    = \
    Can I try again?
    = P

  6. Get better! And fight the urge to eat brains. Just in case.

  7. I'm from district 12 (yay!), and died from a splitting headache thanks to a machete. :(

  8. Cray "Dead" Amberdeen here from District 8. Those pesky wasp creatures took me down. I hope the flu passes quickly.

  9. Oh no! Bad flu bug.

    Hmmm, okay, it seems my name is Chamomile Dundermifflin. I'm cool with the Chamomile part, not so much the Dundermifflin. I was apparently a District 10 tribute in the 66th Hunger Games and I died of a snake bite. How fitting since I am, in fact, really scared of snakes!

  10. SO sorry you guys are sick. Here's hoping you're well again very, very soon! And yay! THG!!! :o) <3


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