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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Got Art? Check Out Sketcher Girl

One of the great pleasures of being part of the writer community is getting to meet amazingly talented people - and not just writers! Turns out these talented people I get to call my friends are also artists and musicians and creators of all stripes.

My friend Vic Caswell has started her own freelance illustration company, Sketcher Girl Studios, and today is her Grand Opening!
*balloons* *confetti*

Sketcher Girl Studios is a freelance illustration company with a focus on book cover design.  Vic Caswell has produced the covers of Emily White's debut novel ELEMENTAL, as well as its sequel FAE (release date not announced yet), and Kimberly Ann Miller's debut novel TRIANGLES (releasing June 2013).

SGStudios is passionate about books and getting them out there and into the hands of the readers who will love them.  Vic will read your book.  She will work with you to ensure that the design you end up with is something you love.  She doesn't use stock photography, so you are guaranteed an image that is original and she offers full legal usage of her cover images.  So, if you want to print it on swag, and sell that, the money goes straight to you.

Her prices are competitive- affordable for small press publishers as well as self-publishers.

She also provides other services, such as: tattoo design, logo design, header design, artistic prints, children's book illustration, and pretty much anything illustration that you can think up.

In celebration of this momentous event, Vic Caswell (owner/operator) is hosting a

Using the "Contact Us" form on the site and send her the secret word (Mischief) for your chance to win one of these nifty prizes...

  • postcard sized prints of  her work titled PERCHED CREATURE
  • one of two copies of ELEMENTAL by Emily White
  • a ten dollar Amazon gift card
  • an original painting
  • free labor on a book cover (costs may be incurred for props/ models/ wardrobe)
  • and more!

[Ed note: ORIGINAL PAINTING?? I am so there.]


"Vic Caswell is brilliant! Not only is she super easy to work with, but the things she comes up with are so amazing. She was able to take the half-coherent ideas I was kind of able to articulate and come up with exactly what I was thinking of. I loved working with her on both my books' covers and I can't wait to work with her again!"- Emily White (author of ELEMENTAL from Spencer Hill Press)

"I'm loving my new logo!!! Victoria Caswell did a MARVELOUS job and was such a joy to work with. She made the process effortless and I swear she could read my mind. So, if you need some work done, please send it her way! You won't be sorry!" ♥ Nancy  Fennell (owner of Scents of Adventure)

You can find Sketcher Girl Studios at their website and on facebook.

Congrats to Vic on the opening of her new venture!

p.s. I'm guest posting over at Indie Author News on Four Ways to Think Long Term in Indie Publishing.


  1. She's everywhere today! But her new studio looks awesome.

  2. thank you SO SO MUCH for spreading the news, miss sue! you are wonderful! :)

    1. My pleasure! I wish you lots of great business!

  3. I didn't get that first graphic for my post. Now I'm jealous.

    Just kidding.

    Vic's the best! Congrats on following your dreams, girl.

  4. So gorgeous!!! Bookmarking ...

  5. How awesome! And beautiful looking artwork. :D

  6. Oh wow, what beautiful covers. She will do well I think! And you're right it is a great perk of SP that we get to meet such amazing creatives.


  7. Thank you for introducing Vic. Off to bookmark.


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