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Friday, September 14, 2012

Indie Publishing: BiblioCrunch

I'm guest posting over at Scribbler's Cove on how You're a Storyteller, not (Just) a Writer

Products and services to support indie authors are popping up all over, as the indie movement gains some serious steam. Today, I have a guest post from Miral Sattar, founder of BiblioCrunch and frequent contributor to #indiechat, the all-things-indie chat sponsored by the Indelibles every Tuesday 9pm EST. 

I haven't used BiblioCrunch, so this isn't a personal endorsement. But I like the idea of it: a market place for indie authors to find the other quality professionals (editors, artists) that they need to gather their "indie team" for success in publishing. If you are an editor or artist yourself, you can bid on projects there as well. There are paid plans with access to more services, but you can post a job and receive bids even with the free plan.

I recommend getting samples from editors and viewing the portfolios of cover artists before making any decisions about what will work for you. And if you network in the writing community, it is possible to find professional services without going through a service like Bibliocrunch (and for less money). But it is one more avenue that self-publishing authors can consider.

My journey to self-publishing
by Miral Sattar
I used to work at Time Magazine creating editorial systems and products. A little over a year ago I noticed that people were buying eBooks based on breaking news events and started to build prototypes of eBooks we could build.  In the process, I discovered that the tools for creating eBooks were cumbersome and time consuming. So I created a platform which lets you create eBooks on the fly. During user testing I discovered that most authors are at a different point in their book production process and each author had a different need. That’s when I came up with the idea of, a marketplace that connects authors with the quality, expert professionals they need. I actually used the platform to self-publish my Dessert Guide to NYC which received over 3000 downloads + sales on Amazon.

If you ever need to hire a cover designer or editor or need some other publishing help, you can find that on and have access to editors and designers who work at Big Six publishers.

Just some of our new features that we rolled out today:

  •     New homepage and an easy how it works page
  •     To meet the growing demand of authors and publishers we’ve introduced our Concierge Service where you can ask us your publishing-related questions.
  •     One of the most popular questions we get is “How do I market my book?” To help our authors with book promotion we just launched Author Promotions.
  •     As part of our updates we offer Subscription Plans. Our subscription plans offer enhanced features for those who want a little extra attention. For example, subscribers will get exclusive access to new features like the Professional Directory, Concierge Service, and discounts to publishing events.
  •     As a bonus, pro subscribers do not have to pay a transaction fee for proposals they win.
We also have pricing guidelines that help you break down how much you need to spend on editing or cover design or conversion.

We want to make sure that all the indie and self-publishers have access to the quality professionals and resources they need to make their book successful and stand out from the rest.

-Miral Sattar
Founder and CEO

Hop over to enter to win a Premium Membership.


  1. One-stop shop for self-publishsers. Interesting.

    1. I've seen a couple attempts at making something like this happen, but this is the first one that seems like it could make a go of it.

      Self-pubbers right now are still very much DIY folks (Do-It-Yourself). Even people who contract out find their own artists/editors/etc. But as it goes more mainstream, I can see that market evolving (and someone like Bibliocrunch, who gets in early, could have a lead if they provide good service at good prices).

  2. This is an interesting idea. Thanks for sharing, Susan.

  3. Hmmm . . . interesting post!! Thanks, Susan. :-)

  4. Hi Susan! Thanks for letting me be a guest poster! I self-published my own book and was so excited to find the wonderful indie community out there. Especially the indelibles :) Happy to answer any questions anyone has.


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