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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Most Popular Blog Posts

Fall in Chicago, as seen while writing on the 2nd floor of Palatine Public Library

The past year has seen a lot of changes in the industry and in my personal writing life, driven by the rise of self-publishing and my personal plunge into it. These popular posts from the past year show I'm not the only one interested in the topic, so I thought I'd re-post, in case you missed them the first time around (meanwhile I'm diving into revisions in The Writing Cave):

Writers Must Write First: for those gearing up for NaNoWriMo, this post will (hopefully) inspire you to get that outlining done before you start (or plow ahead regardless). Closed Hearts was written during NaNo last year, and concentrating on getting that second book out was one of the smarter moves I've made.

Seven Questions to Ask Before Self-Publishing: The response to this post continues to be really strong, and I hope it will help those of you considering jumping into the indie pond. Written nine months ago, I still stand by each of those seven questions.

How Many Book Sales Equals Success: If you indie publish, you should know the landscape of sales and what they mean. This will help guide you and (hopefully) help keep your expectations reasonable. Remember: you can't control sales; you can only control the writing (see the first post above).

How Indie Publishing Has Changed My Thinking: The changing landscape is shifting more than just the way we publish. It's a new model of how we write, and how authors build careers. No matter if you're trad-pub or indie-bound, you have to factor in these changes to your career ahead.

Ebooks: The Innovation Cauldron: The business model for writing and publishing has changed, but even more significant is that the creative model for writing has changed. What is now possible to write (and publish) had been forever altered. And we're just beginning to see the effects.

Self-Publishing Basics Series: This series was popular, mostly for the formatting advice, but it also gives a birds-eye view of the path your book takes from manuscript-on-your-hard-drive to ebook-for-sale-around-the-world.

The Incredible Lightness of Being Indie: This post is about the real, underlying causes of the indie revolution, and what it means for the future of indie authors. It talks about keeping a longer view, making a five year plan, not just for the business side of writing, but for the creative side. I've since made my five year plan, and a detailed production schedule for the next year, and for once, I feel like I've gotten my footing on the ever-changing sands of the publishing world.

I hope these posts will help do the same for you!

I write posts like these as much to solidify my thoughts on the subject as to share it with my blog readers. It's fun to go back and see that these blog posts have aged well, still relevant in a rapidly shifting publishing world.


  1. My most popular blog posts are so random. LOL. Off to check out some of these.

  2. Thanks Susan for being so willing to share all your advice.

  3. I'm gonna come back to these when I have time to work on my collection.

  4. Yay, now I can bookmark THIS post and be able to revisit all those greatest hits. I LOVE Chicago.