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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Open Minds on Sale

On Sale $2.99 $0.99 TODAY ONLY

I don't often put my books on sale (they're priced low to begin with), and when I do, it's usually because of a special event, like an ad. Today, Open Minds is Book of the Day on Ereader News Today, an ad I purchased back in January! Hopefully the ad will expose Open Minds to a new pool of readers.

If you've been waiting to scoop up Open Minds, now's the time

Or you could give it as a gift!

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There are lots of debates about pricing, and I think indie authors need to experiment for themselves to see what works for their book and their genre. For me, I've experimented a bit with pricing, and the $2.99 for my introductory book to the series seems to work well - I actually have more readers AND more revenue at that price point (because the more readers compensates for the lower price). The second book in the series is less price sensitive, probably because readers have generally read the first book already, so there is less "unknown author" factor in the price.

The idea of having more readers is important to the longer term health of your author career, not just the short term performance of any given novel. Hopefully, you plan to have many books in your portfolio for readers to choose from in the future - but those readers have to know about you first.

I'm hopeful a lot of new readers will discover the series during today's ad. Wish me luck!


  1. Best of luck opening up to that new pool of readers!

  2. I hope you wind up with a whole new group of readers, Susan. Lots of luck today...and going forward.

  3. Do we cling to our manuscripts and demand the dollars they're worth, or get out there and make people fall in love with us? Which came first, the chicken or the egg? You are amazing at getting yourself out there, and here's hoping you'll land a larger base.

    1. Thanks! I'm a firm believer that the best "ad" for a book is the book itself - that readers know what they like when they read it. And they will seek out more, but they have to find you first. The beauty of the digital age is that that's increasingly easy to do (in spite of worries about standing above the "noise").

  4. The sample was on my ereader, so now the book is on my ereader instead. :) Thanks for the tip.

    I do think changing price periodically for promotion makes sense. I'm waiting to actively do marketing until I have more than one book out, but after the 90 days I ended up moving to 99 cents just because otherwise the book was invisible.

    Good luck with your promo!

  5. Susan, you and some of the other Indie authors have been exemplary in getting your novels to the people. I'm watching and learning. Watching and learning :-)


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