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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pinterest and The Author

At first I thought Pinterest was for bonus creative work...
Raf's Board (character from Open Minds)

And then I thought Pinterest was a great place to collect links to cool research articles...

And then I couldn't resist the power of the Cuteness Board...

And of course the obligatory Book Love Boards...


...I discovered the hidden GOLD of Pinterest for Authors...

Visual Inspiration

Steampunk is technology that is "novel and romantic" and should "err on the side of opulence and splendor" (Steampunk by Thomas Willeford). 19th Century India is nothing if not a riot of color and lush imagery. 

Steampunk + India + Pinterest = Inspired Author


  1. I've discovered the world of Pinterest too! I love it, although i haven't had much time for it lately. But I'm saving one board for the world of my protagonist in my MG Victorian mystery series. It's great fun to go sleuthing for pictures that represent her world.

  2. I haven't gone on Pinterest yet. No time. Twitter would be first. But I can see why you like it.

    And Yay that your book was on sale yesterday. I had it for my Kindle on my computer but bought it for the Nook someone gave me.


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