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Thursday, January 3, 2013

A New Take On Tinkerbell, by Elle Strauss

I'm excited to introduce fellow Indelible Elle Strauss's new serial series: LOVE, TINK 

Told in 6 novelette length episodes (there will be one a month), Love, Tink is modern twist on the Tinkerbell and Peter Pan story.

The first episode (12k) is FREE for a limited time on Amazon.

Enchanted meets Peter Pan.
"Things changed in Neverland when the lost boys arrived. At least 

they changed for me, and all because of the dark haired boy with 
sun-bronzed skin and a lousy shot."

Tink is hopelessly smitten with Peter, the leader of the lost boys who'd mysteriously arrived at Neverland two years ago. Unfortunately, Peter is tired of the adventure and especially tired of dodging Captain Hook who is after his head. He just wants to go back to New York City and live his life as a normal fifteen year old.

Tink is the only one who can help Peter return, but it breaks her heart to do it.  She just wants to make him happy, so she does the unthinkable and betrays the fairy king. Now her heart is filled with remorse. Should she go after Peter? Should she follow him to his New York?

The first episode of LOVE, TINK is FREE now on Amazon!


  1. I bought it!

    It'll probably be a while before I get to it (unless I blitz through my e-reading queue and/or do some rearranging) but it's there! And I'll probably leave a review once I'm done.

  2. Sounds interesting! I remember how jealous Tinkerbell was of Wendy, so it makes sense that she would have romantic feelings for Peter Pan.


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