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Friday, February 8, 2013

20 Reasons Why You Should Register for IndieReCon

(pssst! I'm a presenter at IndieReCon!)

As you may or may not know, IndieReCon starts in less than 2 weeks from Feb 19th  - Feb 21st.

The free conference features over 25 guests that will discuss the nuts and bolts of self publishing from the pros/cons all the way through marketing and being a bestselling author.

Here it is - 20 reasons why you should register for IndieRecon. Today!

1. Find out the future of digital publishing with our key note speaker: Bob Mayer.

2. Identify the biggest mistakes indie authors make and how to avoid them.

3. Find out all the nitty gritty details on self publishing basics like pricing, distribution, and formatting.

4. Create a business plan and understand your costs.

5. Find out what is in a great book and how to make your book stand out in a pile (through editing and covers).

6. Learn the importance of creating a solid business plan and how to measure your success.

7. Discover everything you need to know about reaching your readers including: metatagging, blogging, and audio books.

8. Figure out what you need to know in marketing like building your community, utilizing social media, and understanding your brand.

9. Learn how to throw a creative book launch by using events, blogging, and more.

10. Chat with some great bestselling authors and get the 411 you need to success.

11. It's FREE!

12. Since it's online, you can stay in your PJs and we won't laugh at you. :)

13. There are huge giveaways! yeah...HUGE!

14. Learn about awesome organizations that support indie authors including: IndieReader, The Book Designer, Indelibles, World Literary Cafe, Fostering Success, Alliance of Independent Authors, Kindle Fire Department, Goodereader, and Bibliocrunch.

15. Discover some great new authors to read.

16. Walk away knowing what self publishing entails and if it's right for you.

17. Did we mention it's FREE?

18. Find out secrets from bestselling authors like Bob Mayer, Hugh Howey, M. Leighton, CJ Lyons, Barbara Freethy, Colleen Hoover, RaShelle Workman, Darcie Chan, and Addison Moore.

19. Because it will be epic! (At least we think so.)

20. Did we mention it's FREE AND ONLINE?? Why? Because we like YOU :) (Just call us the Mickey Mouse club of indies.)

Every single blog post, chat, vlog will be packed with all the information you need to help you on the self-publishing path.

IndieReCon will help you learn all the secrets about the indie pubbing industry and help you succeed.

February 19th-21st!!!

Tell your friends.

Hang out with us all day. Hourly posts. Check out the amazeballs schedule.

Register in the sidebar for updates and a drawing for giveaways - so you don’t miss out!

See you there!


  1. I'll make sure to check it out and make the time to be there.

  2. Sounds fabulous! I'm sure everyone will have a great time and learn TONS!

  3. I will be there! I want to say that I look forward to your Ink Spells because I know gthat there will always be useful and interesting information that will help me as an Indie Author.

    I love your site! There are gems everywhere, side bar, post that are chocked full of needed information, and I appreciate you and all those in planning IndieRecon,

    I will share the news, and again I wish to say thanks!

  4. Wow. This sounds like an amazing resource.

  5. Yay! I'm all registered. It looks fantastic. Great job, you guys~ <3

  6. Didn't know about this. Should be muy interesting.

  7. Yay, already registered :-)
    But I just checked out the schedule for the first time and WOW there are so many posts! Sadly, I'll miss the afternoon ones ('cause I'll be asleep on this side of the world!) but I can just catch up the next day :-)

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