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Thursday, February 14, 2013

INDIE-kissing PLUS Win Closed Hearts

A for-funs blog hop with... KISSING!
Yes, please.

(you can kiss an indie if you want, but it's not required)

For INDIE-kissing, I'm sharing a smoochable scene from Closed Hearts (Mindjack #2).

The Backstory
This is a scene between Kira, the main character, and Raf, her boyfriend. Kira has gone into hiding after revealing the existence of mindjackers to the mindreading public, who fears - and thus hates - the mindjackers in their midst. She's a jacker and he's a mindreader... they're on opposite sides of a civil war that is slowly brewing, tipped into being by Kira's heroic actions. But there's more than just the world's politics keeping them apart. When mindreaders touch, they share more than thoughts - they share emotions, and have a deeply intimate connection where their thoughts and feelings sync, and they become one. Kira will never truly experience that level of intimacy, because she's a jacker. When jackers kiss, they do it the old fashioned way - all lips, no thoughts. :) Jackers can link their thoughts to others, but they control how much they want to share. There isn't the wide-open intimacy that two readers would naturally have. But Raf, being a reader, wants (and expects) more than that. Kira wants it too, but some of her thoughts get in the way... well, you'll see...

Raf was convinced that eventually the world would settle down. I hoped like crazy he was right. I wanted to believe that one day the world would forget about Kira Moore, face of the jackers, and we wouldn’t have to hide anymore.
“It’ll take time,” Raf said, “but even my parents will change their mind about you. Someday they’ll see you the way I do.”
“How’s that?” I pushed back the dark curls that had fallen in his eyes.
“A really cute girl who has really awful taste in music.”
I smiled as his soft Portuguese accent drew out the word awful. “Maybe someday you’ll decide to listen to music that’s worthwhile.”
He tucked my hand against his chest, trapping it as he wrapped both arms around me. Then he whispered in my ear. “Link with me, Kira.”
My name on his lips, whispered close like that, melted me. I linked gently into his mind, and his lips found mine. Linking thoughts while kissing was the closest we would ever come to the synced hearts and minds, completely shared and open, that mindreaders felt when they touched. At least Raf’s mind was open. I tried to be honest, here in his embrace, his lips pressed to mine. I let my mind roam, floating along with the eddies and curls of his feelings. The scent of his mind hinted at fresh linen that had been warmed by the sunshine of his thoughts.
There was no trace of worry or concern.
This is how we should be. Always, thought Raf. No hiding.
I won’t hide anything from you. But even that wasn’t true, as I kept my darker thoughts quarantined in my own mind: thoughts about the risk he took in seeing me; about how I should have stopped seeing him after we moved; how I shouldn’t make Raf learn to lie for me, like my mom had lied for years for my dad. Yet when Raf kissed me like this, with his heart wide open, it was impossible for me to stay away.
If the world knew this part of you, he thought, they would never be afraid.
I pulled out of Raf’s mind, guilt getting the better part of me. He made a small sound of disappointment as soon as my mind’s presence disappeared from his. When we did have a chance to be alone, he couldn’t get enough of me linking in and sharing thoughts with him.
“More kissing, less talking,” he whispered against my lips, knowing I had pulled back so we could talk out loud. 

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  1. A mind link while kissing? That is super hot.

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  6. Lovely! I love this idea. In fact my characters can communicate telepathically through touch, but they are unique in their world. What is it about being able to share so completely that's desirable. I'm with Rafe but I think my hubby would be more like Kira. Wish I could link with him and find out. ;)

  7. I love how you worked in all these emotional tensions under the surface of what should be a simple, happy moment. Way to draw us in to their emotional world. Wowza.

  8. Both intrigued and horrified by the concept... imagine hubby leaning in for a smooch as you think about what to make for dinner. LOL!

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  17. Wow, being able to read someone's mind while kissing is definitely thought-provoking, and also kind of nerve-wracking, especially if the person you're kissing catches you thinking of someone you'd rather be kissing. :)

  18. Oh, what a dimension this adds to the kissing! I imagine there is a LOT less kissing in general in this world, where it would be impossible for mindreaders to keep secrets, right??

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    I feel badly that I missed adding mine to the link. Blogging only once a week is harder than I thought!