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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

IndieReCon - Day One

I'm super excited about this!
(and not just because I'm on the agenda)

The roster of mega indie authors on this thing is impressive! The topics are incredibly timely and straight from the people working in - and succeeding in - the indie trenches, every day. In a fast-changing industry like indie publishing, there are no veterans that have been working in it for 20 years. The presenters at IndieReCon are the people who have their finger on the pulse of change happening today. 

Click here for the FULL ROSTER. The conference is a mixture of posts and chats; here's a post on how the conference works.

But here are the ones (for Tuesday) that I'm particularly looking forward to:

TUES 19th (EST)
9:00 am - The Future of Digital Publishing - Bob Mayer (post)
Bob is a tell-it-like-it-is ex-Special-Forces indie legend (if there is such a thing). He broke early from trad-pub and took his backlist to great success in the indie world. He's the one who negotiated the FIRST print-only deal with S&S, paving the way for more to come. I always want to hear what Bob has to say.

4:30 pm - Planning Your Future - Denise Grover Swank (online chat)
Denise is also posting about her Business Plan, and girl knows what she's talking about there! Check it out. I'm already a Swank Acolyte (seriously, I revamped my business plan to follow hers), so I'm skipping right ahead to the chat, where I plan to pick her brain about the future of indie publishing, 2013 and beyond.

5:30 pm - Cutting Through the Mist-ery of Cover Design - Designer Alicia Kat Dilman (post)
6:00 pm - Creating Unique yet Affordable Covers - Designers Robin Ludwig and Steven Nowak (online chat)
Both of these promise to be illuminating. Kat Dilman is a wildly talented artist, and Steven has made many covers for fellow Indelibles that I drool over (and he's working on the covers for my upcoming future-noir). I'm sure they know all the tricks to making bestselling covers, and I plan to pick their brains as well.

There's lots more, and IndiRecon goes three days (I'll be posting my fav picks each day). If you can't make the chats, the posts will be up forever, so you can always come back and peruse when time allows. But don't miss it! There's going to be great stuff here.

NOTE: I'm on the agenda for Thursday 8:30 am  – Measuring Success– Susan Kaye Quinn (post)

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  1. I like reading about indie writers and publishers. I kind of think it's similar to independent filmmakers. I heard that independent films allow viewers to see aspects of life (and human nature) that aren't usually shown in mainstream films, or they show life from a different perspective. I think that indie publishers and writers do something similar through books. And congrats on being on the agenda for this event!


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