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Monday, March 11, 2013

Cover Reveal: The Binding Stone by Lisa Gail Green

cover by Lisa Amowitz

Blogger/writer-friend Lisa Gail Green has a new book coming out, the first in the Djinn series, The Binding Stone! 
Tricked into slavery by the man she loved, the Djinni Leela has an eternity to regret her choices.Awakened in the prison of her adolescent body, she finds a new master in possession of the opal that binds her. But seventeen-year-old Jered is unlike any she’s seen. His kindness makes Leela yearn to trust again, to allow herself a glimmer of hope.
Could Jered be strong enough to free her from the curse of the Binding Stone?
Release date: April 2013

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And congrats to Lisa on the (upcoming) release of her novel!


  1. Congrats, Lisa! Very exciting news. :)

  2. Love Lisa's cover. So excited for her.

  3. Congrats Lisa- and Thank you Susan for hosting this reveal!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait to read it!!!

  5. Oh, that cover is gorgeous! I could just stare at it for hours.

  6. I LOVE Lisa's cover. I'm with Nicki on the staring part. :D

  7. Thank you all so much!! :D I couldn't be happier!


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