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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Holy Cyberpunk! And THANK YOU!

#1 Hot New Releases Science Fiction>Cyberpunk
#2 Science Fiction>Cyberpunk
#18 Hot New Releases Fantasy>Urban
#74 Fantasy>Urban


13 reviews


an amazing launch day

How Friends Help
I so appreciate the excitement about yesterday's release, the willingness to try a new form (serial), the further willingness to dive in and read-and-review within hours (hours!) of download, and even more excitement after having read the first episode. Several readers said they hadn't ever read a serial before, but they were giving this one a try. People were celebrating with me, recommending the serial to their friends (gifting it to them!), and posting about it on their blogs.

All of that makes my heart sing. THANK YOU!

How Amazon Works
All that early support and enthusiasm landed Delirium on several bestseller lists! Since there's no future-noir category on Amazon yet, I'm hopeful that readers who enjoy future-noir will be checking the Cyberpunk and Urban Fantasy lists. That early boost of sales, plus 13 (!!) reviews, tells the Amazon bots that this is a story people might enjoy, which means that it will start recommending the book through other means: also-boughts lists, email recommendations, and placement on the browse (non-bestseller) lists. All of that will help connect other readers with the series, but...

Word of Mouth is Gold
Word of Mouth is the single most powerful force in the Book Universe. Seriously, it deserves a better name, something like WordPower or InfluenceAbility, because it is the #1 thing that can bring success to a series (or book). So THANK YOU for all the posts and recommendations to friends. I heart you for this like you don't even know.

Read The Way That Works For You
One reader said she wanted to wait for the bundles (I'll be bundling in sets of three episodes, then all nine together at the end). Many say they can't wait for the next episode and plan to read-as-we-go. As I posted on FB: 
I love readers who want to read-as-we-go: it's an adventure, because I'm still writing the episodes and I want to hear people's reactions as I'm creating the series. But I also heart readers who will wait for the bundles! I appreciate the confidence of buying novel-sized-chunks - sort of like waiting for an entire season to come on DVD, because you want to read/watch it all straight through.
I encourage readers to read in whichever form works best for them!
I'm just glad you want to read it at all.

THANK YOU again for this early vote of confidence and help in feeding the Amazon bots, and especially for all the WordPower you're using to tell other people about the series!

Now... back to finishing that draft of Episode 4, so I can send it off to my crit partners. Then I need to polish up Agony, Episode 2, so it's ready for release next week! (Wow, that's coming quick.)

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  1. Congratulations again! And I like the idea of WordPower because that's what it is. :)

  2. For some reason I can never remember to review my friends books on Amazon. I hope my blogging about them makes up for it!

  3. I know I'm late to the party, but this is AWESOME! How cool is that? The concept and the launch. Congratulations!!!

  4. Congrats! I expected nothing less :)

  5. I am thrilled for you!! Congratulations. You so deserve this success, Susan.

  6. Congratulations to you! I'm looking forward to getting into the series. I usually like to wait till the series is about finished before I start but I'm not doing that this time. Looking forward to this weekend to start with book 1. I do love the covers.


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