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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Everything I Know in One Post (Plus Zachary Quinto)

Jane Friedman recently extolled the virtues of blogging as creating a "body of work" - and, at least in my case, she's absolutely right. Twitter and Facebook provide immediate feedback and connection, but blogging provides a reservoir of more in-depth information. And several times a week, people ask me for information that's stored in my own blog-archives.

For some time, I've had a "For Writers" tab on my blog, and I periodically update it with new posts. I've copied the contents below, but you can always find it here.

Looking back over this list of posts (the highlights of over 3 1/2 years of blogging), I understand what Jane means by "body of work." I've been asked a couple times to compile it into an ebook to make available to writers, and perhaps I'll do that someday (when I'm not madly scribbling fiction; although I can't imagine when that will be). I always stumble on the idea, because I have no desire to make money off my fellow writers, and I think of myself as a fiction writer, not a non-fiction writer.

But then what have I been doing these last three years, but writing non-fiction alongside my stories? *headdesk*

Anyway, I thought I'd post this page as a regular post, to highlight it for those who might find it useful. For everyone else, here's Zachary Quinto:

I am DYING waiting for ST: Into of Darkness.
(Quinto, Cumberbatch, Pine... JJ Abrams what are you trying to do to me??)

So You Want To Be A Writer (READ THIS FIRST)

The Craft

Publishing in the Digital Age


  1. Great to compile the posts on one page. Thanks, Sue!

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  3. Wow! Amazing links. Thanks for listing them all in one place.

  4. Thanks Susan! This is an awesome collection. I'm going to bookmar it!

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  6. This is a real cool idea, and just in time for me, too, as I'm on the cusp of releasing my first novel and am feeling hopeless overwhelmed. I've got a lot of reading to do now!

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