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Friday, May 31, 2013

New Release: The Keeper (Companion Novella) by A.G. Henley

A.G. Henley is a fellow indie author who regularly inhabits Amazon's charts with her novel The Scourage - now she has a companion novella out, The Keeper, that I'm sure will be a hit as well.
Peree knows what he’s doing as the new Keeper of the Water Bearer, Fennel.
He knows Fennel’s Sightless. He knows that means the Scourge can’t hurt her while she gathers fresh water for her people. He knows how to wield his bow and arrow to take out the revolting flesh-eaters when they swarm around her. He’ll motivate her, distract her, do anything he can to keep her working. And most important, he'll make sure his people get every drop of their share of the water she collects. Peree knows his duty is to his people and his people alone, and not to the Water Bearer.

What he doesn’t know is that he's falling in love with her.

THE KEEPER is a 45-page companion story to THE SCOURGE, Book 1 of the Brilliant Darkness series. It is a retelling of the first few chapters of THE SCOURGE from Peree's point of view. Also included is a sneak peek of Chapter One of Book 2 of the series - coming summer 2013!

Only available for sale until September 2013 - then THE KEEPER will go into an anthology of dystopian short fiction. Get your copy of THE KEEPER now, or wait for the anthology and be introduced to some great writers and compelling stories for a few dollars more. Proceeds of the anthology will go to charity.

A.G. is also a clinical psychologist, which means people either tell her their life stories on airplanes, or avoid her at parties when they've had too much to drink. Neither of which she minds. When she's not writing fiction or shrinking heads, she can be found herding her children and their scruffy dog, Guapo, to various activities while trying to remember whatever she's inevitably forgotten to tell her husband. She lives in Denver, Colorado. Learn more at

A.G. Henley is the author of the BRILLIANT DARKNESS series. The first book in the series, THE SCOURGE, was a finalist for the 2013 Next Generation Indie Book Award.

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