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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Off to UTopYA

I'm off to UTopYA!
This Nashville, TN, conference is going to be amazing! First, my books are up for awards (how cool is that?). Second, I'll be on two panels (11am and 1pm Saturday, if you're attending, stop by!). Third, there's a ZILLION (technical term) people I know who will be there.

Yeah, it's basically going to be a party.
I'm totally not doing this. Unless roomie and fellow Indelible RaShelle Workman buys me drinks. Then all bets are off.

After the conference, the family and I are off to Washington, D.C. so it will be quiet on the blog (probably) for the next couple weeks.

Enjoy your summer, my friends!


  1. Of course you won't be dancing like the gif. Perish the thought!!

  2. Congratulations and enjoy every moment of your trip!