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Monday, August 26, 2013

Indie Author Culture of Cooperation

Things I love about the indie author world: 1) the innovation and 2) the cooperative environment, where everyone is giving each other a hand up, rather than competing against each other. This is true for the wider author community, but it's doubly true for indie authors, who have the freedom to take cooperation to a whole different level.

Which is exactly what Maggie Dana and Barbara Morgenroth have done with their horse-themed stories for children and young adults:

Instead of competing in the niche-market of horse-stories-for-young-people, Barbara and Maggie have joined forces, helping each other learn the ropes of indie publishing, cross-promoting readers between their two fanbases, and even letting characters from one story make a guest appearance in the other's story.


I loves it.

Read more about their collaboration here. And if you know some young people who love horse stories, now you know where to send them!


  1. Speaking from experience, having a partner at your side, learning the ropes with you, a person to rant to - erm - share thoughts with...yeah, that cooperative manner of approach is such a helpful way to go.

    Wishing Barbara and Maggie the best in their collaborative efforts.

  2. Susan ... chiming in late here, but thank you so much for putting this on your blog. I'm claiming temporary amnesia for forgetting to check in with you on Monday ... blame the adrenaline high from starting a new book! That's my lame excuse, and I know you'll understand.

    Barbara and I continue to have fun, corresponding (a lot) and propping each other up in a small, but dedicated, niche market.


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