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I've been self-publishing since 2011, and I've shared the knowledge I've gained in two books: the Indie Author Survival Guide, Second Edition, and For Love or Money. I'm not an indie rockstar or a breakout success: I'm one of thousands of solidly midlist indie authors making a living with their works. These books are my way of helping my fellow authors discover the freedom of indie publishing. Write on, writer-friends!

S.K. Quinn, Independent Author of Science Fiction

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Monday, September 2, 2013

New Release: Indiestructible

I'm one of the contributing authors for Indiestructible, a collection of inspiring stories about being an indie author, from people in the trenches who know - and all proceeds go to charity. Check out the deets below!

Available at Amazon US and UK
100% of proceeds go to, a movement which breaks the cycle of poverty, illiteracy, and low expectations through service and education.

Need motivation and inspiration to self-publish or sign that contract with an interested small press? Have you done all the research you can, but still feel ambivalent about the idea? Indiestructible: Inspiring Stories from the Publishing Jungle brings you the experiences of 29 indie authors—their passions, their insights, their successes—to help you make the leap into indie publishing.

This is not a how-to guide. This is the best of the indie tradition of experienced authors paying forward what they’ve learned, giving you information to help you on your journey. The personal essays in this book will leave you itching to get your work into the hands of readers and experience, first-hand, all the rewards indie publishing has to offer.

Compiled & Edited: Jessica Bell

Contributing authors:


  1. Fantastic. I just bought it. What a great idea - the sample of the book looks like indie authors talking to indie authors. Can't wait to read the conversation!