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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Killer Serials for Halloween!

Just in time for Halloween,
some Killer Serials you can sink your teeth into!
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I love writing serials - they're fast-paced, exciting, and deliver a lot of story punch in a few number of words. I've joined forces with four other serial writers to give away a bunch of our serial work - they don't all have serial killers, but they're all Killer Serials! 

Andrew Leon: The Shadow Spinner Series (34 parts, 40ish pages each) - Andrew's website

Tiberius has always thought of himself as a normal 10-year-old boy, at least until the day his mother finally decides to tell him about his father, and she tells him things that convince him that one of them is crazy, and he's pretty sure it's not him. That is until the Man with No Eyes shows up and his father falls out of the sky.

Susan Kaye Quinn: The Debt Collector Series (9 Volumes, 50ish pages each, all complete, (for you risk-averse readers) first one free)

What's your life worth on the open market?
A debt collector can tell you precisely.

EJ Wesley: Moonsong Series (5th coming in December (no end point necessarily planned, but they are coming in 3-book clusters (6th in January) for satisfying individual story arcs; link to the first one FREE) - EJ Wesley's website

Jenny Moonsong recently inherited the title of "monster hunter" and an ancient tribal journal/how-to manual passed down by her Apache ancestors. The Moonsongs books follow her adventures as she battles the dark supernatural denizens of the world in a series of action-packed, urban fantasy novelettes. 

RaShelle Workman: The Cindy Chronicles (4 published of 6 volumes) - RaShelle Workman's Website

From a seemingly insignificant word comes the greatest of fairytales... Cinderella is a witch and she's been asked to save a world she never knew existed. 

Hart Johnson: A Shot in the Light Series (10 episodes, 100 pages each, 4th available today and the first is free) - Hart Johnson's website

Deadliest virus in a century, or a social experiment gone awry? Sidney Knight begins to notice inconsistencies in what people are being told and what's going on as half the population dies of the flu... or is it the vaccine?

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  1. I recently stumbled upon a serial that seems to be selling well and the first one is free. It's called Love and Decay - if you couldn't tell it's a zombie tale but the voice is refreshing and contemporary.

    1. Fun! I don't go for zombie stories (IDK just not my thing), but I love that serials are popping up all over, in all genres!