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Friday, November 1, 2013

NaNo Rebel

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I'm a NaNo Rebel this year!

National Novel Writing Month has very few rules, and I'm managing to break one of them - i.e. don't start drafting until November 1st. Well... we're at November 1st, and I've already got 14k in the bag for my new YA SF novel Legacy (Singularity #1). However, I plan to write 50k in November on Legacy (and I'm sure I still won't be done - Legacy will likely run 80-90k, if it's like my other novels). 

But I love Nano. Open Minds was a NaNo novel (2009, released 2011). Closed Hearts was NaNo (2011 released 2012). And my upcoming steampunk fantasy romance, Third Daughter (Dec 2013) was last year's NaNo novel. 

So this year, I'm a NaNo-Rebel, but I'll be striving for 50k just like everyone else...

The writing, she starts today.

Meanwhile, a little about Legacy...
Eli wants to be a machine - after all, they’re smarter, more compassionate, more enlightened, and above all incredibly, achingly beautiful. But becoming an ascender - a post-Singularity human/machine hybrid - is nearly impossible. Eli is a legacy human, preserved and cherished like the extinct rainforest that he paints. It’s almost too much to bear, especially when his beautiful ascender patron seems to understand his soul, as well as his art, better than any human. When Eli wins a chance to compete in the Creative Olympics for one of the few ascender slots given each year, he thinks his dreams may finally come true. But once he reaches the competition, everything he knows about ascenders, and the humans they keep, starts to unravel... until he’s running for his life and wondering who he truly is.


  1. Totally with you, and sadly disappointed I can't find a rebel badge for this year! Finishing my serial (episodes 7-10) so it is not 'one work' and I also have about a quarter of the story already written... I probably have closer to 70K to write though, so I am calling it good... (wrote bullets for each chapter in book 7 last night so I can dive right in after work)

    1. We seriously do need a Rebel Badge. I have a halo (because I donated) and that's seriously messing with my Rebel Image. ;) Good luck!!

  2. Legacy sounds fantastic. You should, you know, write it or something.

    1. Thanks! I’ll get busy on that right now…

  3. Replies
    1. Fortunately for you, there is no conscription this year. :)

    2. LOL
      Wait... Is that a thing? I may have to remember not to leave the house next year so as not to end up on some NaNo pirate ship.

    3. We get pretty wild. I'm sure NaNo Central does not approve, but I'm equally sure they do not control all the NaNo Sects. #keepyourmusketready

  4. I'm a NaNo rebel this year also. Of necessity. :-)