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Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Young Adult/New Adult HEART Swag Giveaway

I don't do blog hops that often anymore, but this list has some of my favorite peeps on it! 

Kelsey Ketch - Blogger friend since forever, she's always doing cool stuff like this hop, and now she's got an intriguing Egyptian-mythology YA novel out!

Jennifer Lane - One of my original Omnific Sisters who also happens to be a psychologist (like my mom!) and writes really cool stuff.
Cherie Colyer - Head of my local SCBWI critique group, I introduced her to our mutual small press publisher Omnific, and she now has TWO YA paranormal novels out with them. My mom loves her books and even has signed copies! Love her new covers! Also, Cherie is just delightful as a person.
Kelly Hashway - blogger friend since forever, who writes kids's books (yay!) as well as having some gorgeous YA books out. (Seriously, I drool over her covers.)
Nicki Elson - Another Omnific sister from waaay back. I remember sitting in a coffee shop and telling her all about my struggles/research/anxiety in taking this crazy leap into self-publishing. She said something like, "you'll do great!" for which I will love her forever. And she also has books! I have her original Three Daves on my shelf, but her new Divine Temptation tempts me to just stare at the cover.
Kym Brunner - I'm so excited to see her on this list! She also runs my local SCBWI critique group (along with Cherie) and she's getting ready to release her first novel, Wanted: Dead or in Love, in June - it's a Bonnie-and-Clyde-possession story that's AWESOME. I can tell you, because I've read and critiqued it and positively swooned over Clyde-back-from-the-dead.
So be sure to check out my friend's giveaways!
(see links below)

Meanwhile, I'm giving away stuff!
*a mini-paperback of the first episode of Debt Collector
*in honor of my Omnific sisters, a rarely-seen (ha!) paperback of my first published novel, Life, Liberty, and Pursuit (YA romance)
* a whole bunch of bookmarks from all my books (except Third Daughter, which inexplicably does not have bookmarks yet)

(note: hop officially begins Monday morning, 2/10, 8am)
  1. Kelsey Ketch (INT)
  2. Jennifer Lane
  3. Kate Evangelista (INT)
  4. Susan Kaye Quinn
  5. Cherie Colyer (US)
  6. Kristi Helvig (US/CA)
  7. Kelly Hashway/Ashelyn Drake
  8. Julia Crane (INT)
  9. Mary Ting/M. Clarke
  10. Nikki Godwin
  11. Fabio Bueno
  12. Juliana Haygert
  13. Lea Nolan
  14. Nicki Elson
  15. Charlotte Abel
  16. Stacey Marie Browb
  17. A.J. Bennett (INT)
  18. Kristina Renee
  19. Jen McConnel
  20. Beth Pond
  21. Stephanie Thomas
  22. C. Marie Mosley
  23. Rachel Harris
  24. Kym Brunner


  1. Thanks for the shout out and swooning! This is my first hop so I hope I don't hurt my ankle. :)

  2. Hi Sue! Thanks for the shout out! You have a great prize pack. Someone is going to be one lucky winner!!

  3. I LOVE BOOK BLOG HOPS!!!! crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  4. I remember having that coffee too!! And I was totally right, wasn't I?

    We are definitely in great company on this hop.