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Friday, February 28, 2014

Third Daughter On Tour - Reviews, Excerpts, and Win $25 Gift Card

Third Daughter is on Tour! And wow, what a schedule!
Reviews, a couple guest posts, and PRIZES!

$25 Gift Card - until 3/24

What reviewers are saying...

"Third Daughter is a first-rate fantasy. Especially if you like your fantasy mixed with a little steampunk and a lot of political machinations." - Reading Reality 

"I was astonished by the originality of this work, and was happy of a brand new setting that's far different from many of today's Romance/Adventure novels. Bollywood meets Steampunk?! You've got to love it, and I most certainly did." - Auggie-Talk

"A story in which are harmoniously entwined: the self-discovery and the true love, the coup d'Etat or sabre thrusts, the fantastic and the real..." - Mythical Books 

"If you had to marry for love or marry for peace, what would you choose?" - V’s Reads

"This book is beautifully written! I have never read anything like it." - Amethyst Daydreams 

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