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Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Roundup of My Popular and Recent Posts

I neatly organize things when I'm procrastinating. You would think my house would be spotless, but I wear the messy as a badge of honor that I'm not procrastinating most of the time.

I've updated my For Writers Page - you'll find the usual information about the Indie Author Survival Guide, including two free webinars on Facing Your Fears and 10 Ways to Survive Indie Publishing, and now a roundup of some of my popular and recent posts, in case you missed them the first time around.

Netgalley for Indie Authors (Part 1Part 2)
Stories Don't Expire - Don't Rush to Publish
Translating Your Indie Works (to German)
On Selling Indie Middle Grade Works
Burn Bright, Be Patient
The Quality of Self-Published Books
Decide for Yourself

Tools for Writing More
Brainstorming a Book
Children and Creativity
Dear Young Writer
Write What You Want
Self-Improvement tips for Writers
Analyzing Hunger Games (in three parts)


  1. And a very productive procrastinator you are! Thanks for easy access to these posts. Your blog has been the go-to source for much of my self-pubbing questions lately.

  2. "Decide for Yourself" is my favorite on this list. That was some advice I needed to hear right now.

  3. I will have to reference these. Also, you're way more organized than me.

    Hugs and chocolate,