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Monday, March 10, 2014

Holy Steampunk Corsets, Batman!

Holy Steampunk Corsets, Batman!
Is this gorgeous, or what?
Win it here.

One of the great things about having a steampunk book out in the world and hanging out with the Steampunk of Heart authors, is that you become part of a community of people that live, love, and work with Steampunk Coolness.

The folks at Corset Story saw one of our Steampunk with Heart posts and approached me about doing a giveaway through us of one of their GORGEOUS corsets. This is the kind of win-win I love - a cool business gets some traffic driven their way, some lucky person gets to win this delightful corset, and we all get to drool over the craftmanship and enjoy some steampunkery fun. 

More details below... don't forget to enter HERE.

About Corset Story
 Corset Story was founded in 2008 and has quickly grown to become probably the largest supplier of corsets in the world with sales in over 40 different countries. Corset-Story's core belief is that high quality corsetry should be accessible and affordable for all. In the past 20 years Corsets have become an elite garment tailored by specialist designers. These designers have created some wonderful designs in corsetry but tend to concentrate on the aesthetics of corsets as opposed to quality and craftsmanship. They also tend to have problems controlling their material costs through the low volumes they deal with which pushes prices up.

Corset-Story tailor thousands of garments every week. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in design. We listen carefully to our customers through interactive platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and G+ and develop our business from their suggestions and needs. We have over 150 tailors in our specialist and modern manufacturing base. Here we carefully control material costs and develop and train specialists for every part of the tailoring process to reduce costs to customers while maintaining the highest standards.

About the competition
Corset Story are delighted to offer this gorgeous steampunk inspired corset in a giveaway. This overbust corset is decorated with many little accessories that make this one of the most sought after in our catalog. It has an intricate brocade design, and features quality steel boning which will reduce your natural waist size by anything up to 4-5 inches when laced up tightly – giving you that amazing hourglass figure.

How to enter
The competition is simple to enter. All you need to do is visit our site at and take a look around, then visit the Steampunk with Heart Facebook page and tell us what you would wear to match the prize on offer and why. The winner, selected at random, will be put in touch with the people at Corset Story to organise delivery of the prize once the contest is over.

The competition is open to people in the US, Canada, UK & Ireland, mainland Europe and Australasia.

As the prize on show is very popular, Corset Story reserve the right to offer an alternative product to the winner, should the product in question not be available in his/her size at the time of contact. Rest assured, we will offer a corset of similar value and design.
Thank you to Corset Story for offering such a wonderful prize! Now... GO ENTER!


  1. Sue, you would SO love Dorian's Parlor!

    If you are ever out in the Philadelphia area to attend this steampunk event, let me know and I'll meet you there -- fully dressed in my own corset and steampunk attire, which I wore when I read from We Hear the Dead at Dorian's back in 2010.

    Seriously. It would be a business expense for you to come, right?

    1. OK, this is pretty dang cool! I might have to give it some serious thought!!

  2. Why am I not surprised to see Dianne here...hmm, lol.

    Still, that corset is pretty cool :)

  3. I had a chance to enjoy a bit of steampunk-ery of fashion during a conference last year. It was so enlightening. And this looks like a great giveaway.

  4. Oooo, perfect timing! I'm on the lookout for corsets for a steampunk dinner I'm attending. I actually have this particular corset in my wish list to consider when I make the final decision. I'll definitely be checking out the link for other corsets (I'm specifically looking for an under-bust corset in brown to go with a top I already have.)

    The Warrior Muse