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Monday, April 14, 2014

Guest Post: Be True to Your Story by EE Giorgi

Be True to Your Story
by EE Giorgi

A few months ago Susan posted: Write What You Want. To that I add: No matter what you write, Be True To Your Story.

Yes, do listen to the feedback you get. Welcome constructive criticism, try to understand what might have prompted the critique. But listen to your characters, too. Don't trash them just because somebody told you they're no longer trendy. Don't change them to the point they're no longer yours.

My thriller CHIMERAS was on submission for two years through two different agents. I had no problem finding agents. Publishers, though, was another story. My book is a hard-boiled detective thriller, and my main character is a modern Philip Marlowe with a genetic twist. If all editors kept hitting the same nail, I would've known where the problem was. But some requests were at the opposite ends. Some made sense, others didn't. I fulfilled the requests that made sense and ignored the others.

If you don't fall in love with your story and characters, how are you going to make readers fall in love with them? You might try and write something trendy, but great stories aren't made with the head only. Great stories are made from the heart. And believe me, readers can tell stories that are made from the heart from the others.

Be true to your story, be true to your characters. Yes, self-publishing is scary. And yes, it requires a lot of work. But it also gives you the freedom to make your own choices, to fulfill your own story.

Book Description: Haunted by the girl he couldn't save in his youth, and the murder he committed to avenge her, Detective Track Presius has a unique gift: the vision and sense of smell of a predator. When a series of apparently unrelated murders reel him into the depths of genetic research, Track feels more than a call to duty. Children are dying, children who, like himself, could have been healthy, and yet something, at some point, went terribly wrong. For Track, saving the innocent becomes a quest for redemption. The only way he can come to terms with his dark past is to understand his true nature.

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E.E. Giorgi is a scientist, a writer and a photographer. She spends her days analyzing genetic data, her evenings chasing sunsets, and her nights pretending she's somebody else. Her debut novel CHIMERAS is the first in a detective thriller series featuring LAPD Detective Track Presius. Available in Paperback and Kindle from Amazon. E.E. loves to discuss science, writing and photography on her blog -- stop by to say and join the discussion.


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  1. This is an excellent piece of advice. It can be easy to caught up in trying to be trendy, but being true to the story really makes a difference in maintaining that strong author/story connection.

  2. The story and it may be more realistic if you truly share them with equal enthusiasm and all.