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Friday, April 11, 2014

Indie Extravaganza: New Book Releases You Should Check Out - PLUS Gift Card Giveaway!

Indie Extravaganza: New Book Releases You Should Check Out - PLUS Gift Card Giveaway!

Looking for some great NEW indie reads?
All of these books are New Releases in the last few months. Skip to the genre you love, sample a new indie author... and enter the giveaway at the bottom! (Also check out the FREE books associated with these New Releases at the bottom.)
And THANK YOU for supporting indie authors!
(click on covers to learn more)

p.s. is it me, or are these indie covers amazing?

Young Adult Science Fiction

Science Fiction/Dystopian

Young Adult Fantasy




Young Adult Contemporary Romance

Contemporary/Historical Romance


Young Adult Suspense

Middle Grade

Steampunk/Alternate History


FREE Books
Connected with New Releases Above


Giveaway includes Gift Cards, Original Art, paperbacks, ebooks, and a mug!


  1. That is a collection of AMAZING covers! Ugh, man, I really just want to take, like, two months off and do nothing but read books (and some gym and some shopping. No movement for two months might not be that healthy!)

  2. That sounds like an excellent plan, Rachel. Where do I sign up for that?!

    Is it just me or are book covers getting more and more amazing as the years pass. I'm in awe.

  3. The link to subscribe to Cindy Hogan's newsletter is bad/broken. It takes you to a login for Mail Chimp.

    1. I can see the problem with Cindy's - will attempt to fix that. But Cheri doesn't have a newsletter signup, right?

    2. Ok, Cindy Hogan's signup is fixed! Thanks!

  4. Am also having problems with the link for Cheri Lasota. :(

  5. WOW! Just WOW! What a spectacular giveaway! Art by John Gregory Hancok Sweet! Books, swag and so much more :-) I too tried to subscribe to Cindy's newslette, but that chimp was being a monster. Ugh, I never could get it to go through. Lol, I'll check back tomorrow.