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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Bite-Sized Ideas #amwriting #amthinking

Sometimes I have to write down my thoughts, so I don't forget them. (Okay, pretty much always.)

On Writing and Publishing
Writing challenges me to discover who I am. Publishing challenges me to remember it.

On Marketing
You're not just a writer. That's like saying you're just a rocket scientist. Writers are amazing, creative people who generate ideas from thin air. They're storytellers. Marketing is simply taking that creative storytelling out into the world.

On Resistance
Resistance is your friend. When you're stuck it means you're close to a breakthrough. Fear is your friend. It tells you you're on to something worth doing. Go there.

On Throwing That Story Out Into The World
Stories don't expire. Your stories are, in fact, eternal. They'll never go out of print unless you wish them to. Don't rush to publish.

On Writing Books That Can't Sell
The best part of being indie is being able to write and publish things that can't sell. That won't sell. That everyone says there is absolutely no market for. But being indie means there's no agent, no editor to tell you to stop. You just write that story, and you put it out there. Either you'll prove the world wrong, or you'll reach one special reader who will treasure it. Either way, you win.

On Burning Bright
Write like you are on fire. Burn bright with the love of your work. As it consumes you, renews you, and makes you shine even more, remember this - this act of creation -  is why you were put here. We writers wield our imaginations like scythes through the fabric of possibility, creating stories that entertain and enthrall. We are fulfilling one of the higher purposes of humanity: to bring something new into the world.

On Being Patient
It takes time for readers to find your work. Time for people to review. That's okay. You have time. Your books will be around forever.

On The Time Dilation Effect
I've been writing for five years. Publishing for three. Indie publishing for two. That's no time at all. I'm still a baby in this game.

On Writing Fast
The question isn't should I write better or should I write more: I should do both. Every day.

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Write on, my friends!


  1. Yes! I need to print a few of these out and put them where I can see them everyday.

  2. Wonderful, encouraging words. These are all things I need to keep close as I begin this indie-publishing journey.