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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

E-Books Are Saving Literature

Micro Blogging, Or "Sue Doesn't Have Time to Write Blogs Because She's Writing ALL THE BOOKS"

For next zillion years  I've got projects lined up like planes at O'Hare Airport - I need to be writing, and I am (yay me!) but I just realized I haven't written a blog in a month and a half that wasn't promo of one kind or another:

It's because I'm on FB.

Some say blogs are dead. I don't believe that. (Or more accurately, I refuse to believe that.) I still have stuff to share, but it's going to come in shorter format. 

takes lots of time

takes less time


Ebooks just might save the "book" - short, long, serial, door-stopper, all of it. The thing writers should worry most about is growing the pie - making non-readers into readers, turning three-book-a-year readers into voracious readers, and making voracious readers over-the-moon happy with inexpensive, quality books coming out their ears. Ebooks are doing all of this, today.

“Books don’t just compete against books. Books compete against Candy Crush, Twitter, Facebook, streaming movies, newspapers you can read for free. It’s a new world.” - Why Amazon Terrifies Publishers: Let's Look At Royalty Statements

(Expect to see more of these microblogs from me in the future)


  1. I don't know. I was a voracious reader and am now reading less...
    This is probably in part due to my own life but it's at least in part due to I just don't get the kinda books I used to.

    1. I suspect it's because you're writing more, yes? I know my reading took a hit when I started writing, because I was so in love with it. Had to figure out how to read AND write.

  2. Now, if only I can get my son to read more. Lol

    I like the microblogging!

  3. I used to read a lot but since college I haven't read nearly as much as I used to. its sad. I miss it but can't make myself sit down, turn off the ipad and just read for an hour.

  4. We can thank the trend of turning so many books into movies for helping in a small way to rekindle interest in books (especially when fans reiterate to the media that "the book was better"). But I agree the very largest challenge is to cultivate reading as a habit for all ages.

  5. I don't think blogs are dead if they have meaning for enough people. I used it to publicize my book (publisher insisted) 3 1/2 years ago. How things have changed since then. Blogging doesn't necessarily sell books, as my friend Roland recently said. In this "new" world, I think writers have to use all the social media outlets there are on the Internet if they want to promote their books. And ebooks have indeed been revolutionary. Most of the money I've made, and am still making, on my memoir is from ebook sales.

    I quit blogging for a while to take care of my daughter. I came back, for now, to reconnect with selected old blogging friends. I'm glad I stopped by to see all you've accomplished in the past 3+ years. Congratulations! And keep writing. I know you know it's writing first, blogging second (or possibly even last). Have a wonderful rest of the summer. :)

    I had to get back to "real" life. To read more print books, though I still use my ereader and always will, especially for fiction and selected memoirs/autobiographies.