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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Audiobooks - How to Download Them... And WIN Them!

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(p.s. don't forget to scoop up the Story Bundle that Third Daughter is in too!)

The entire Mindjack Trilogy is now out on Audiobook!

The first season of Debt Collector is complete!
(season two coming this fall)

Audiobooks are a great way to slip in extra reading time while you're on the road, during vacation, or simply doing the daily commute. Now that audiobooks have gone digital (just like ebooks), the accessibility is going up and the price is going down - which is great news for reader-listeners! And with more and more indie authors making audiobooks, chances are better all the time that your favorite books come on audio.

How Do I Listen to Digital Audiobooks?
Virtually any device you own will play digital audiobooks (Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch, Kindle Keyboard, Android phone, iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad, Android tablets, even your PC or MP3 player). All you have to do is download the Audible App for your device and BOOM you are listening to audiobooks. EASY PEASY. (You can also find audiobooks through iTunes - here are my audiobooks on iTunes and Audible)

Aren't Audiobooks Expensive?
Since CDs are no longer required, digital audiobooks tend to be cheaper. Plus Whispersync makes them RIDICULOUSLY CHEAP. (Also see how to WIN a free audiobook below!)

How Do I Use Whispersync to Get Cheap Audiobooks?
On Amazon, Whispersync will automatically discount the audiobook if you've bought the ebook.

Whispersync is enabled for many indie books, including some of mine. The Audible ebook price is normally $19.99 for Open Minds, but if you get the ebook (which is free) you can get the audiobook for $1.99!


This applies to all books you have already bought!

See that small print that says "find audio companions"? Click here, then click through that link, and Amazon will find all the ebooks you've already purchased which have audiobooks available for Whispersync discounting. SUPER EASY.
How Do I WIN an Audiobook? 
Since I now have the full Mindjack Trilogy out on Audiobook, as well as Debt Collector Season One, I'm celebrating by giving away 5 audiobook credits that can be used to try any of my audiobooks!

Win one of 5 audiobook credits

Don't want to wait to win? Click here to check out all my audiobooks on Audible!


  1. Awesome giveaway! I love my audiobooks. They turn chores and tedious work into fun time!

  2. Love Mindjack! I've only read the first one but wanna read the next ones!


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