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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Which Non-Fiction Book Should I Write Next? (Vote!)

If I were to write another non-fiction book on writing or publishing, which would be the most helpful to you?

1) 30 DAYS OF INSPIRED WRITING - short 1-page-per-day inspirational essays to juice your writing (geared toward NaNoWriMo, but could be used anytime)

2) FOR LOVE OR MONEY: Crafting a Career in Indie Publishing - practical, up-to-date tips focused on creating a career, not the mechanics or beginner-steps of indie publishing

3) SELF-PUBLISHING ISN'T ROCKET SCIENCE (and I would know) - the quick-n-dirty guide to getting started, barebones basics of what you need to know

4) HUNTING DOWN YOUR WRITING FEARS (With A Steak Knife) - a book about the different stages of fear in writing and publishing and how to overcome them

Writer-friends, please weigh in below, and tag any other writer-friends in the comments who might be interested! (-thanks to Graeme Ing for the nudge)

**Originally posted here on Facebook, but I'm curious to see what the votes are on the blog as well!


  1. I'm sure they'd all be great, but #2 interests me the most.

  2. Hmmm. This is tough. Since I am at the beginning of my publishing journey and thinking strongly of going indie, I'd be most interested in # 2 and # 3 - especially if # 3 offered information that was not covered in your Survival Guide. My next choice would be # 4 and final choice # 1. I hope this helps and happy writing!

  3. I really like #2 and #4! I loved the Indie Survival Guide and loved it, so I will read whatever you put out next regardless.

  4. #4 and #2 would be my choices. :)

  5. #2 and #4 but if I have to pick one, #2! I'm so excited you're writing another book, I LOVED Indie Author Survival Guide.


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