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Friday, September 12, 2014

In Which Sue Makes A Mistake..

In case you thought I was a robot from the future impervious to error, we now have SOLID PROOF that I am a human being capable of making mistakes. And when I make them, apparently, I make them EPIC.

The Mistake
Remember how Third Daughter went free and took off, zooming up the charts, to the tune of thousands of downloads? (Currently #148 free, 3360 downloads) Somewhere in the middle of all those thousands of people downloading, I uploaded the pre-order for Book#3. That wasn't the mistake - the mistake was accidentally uploading the preorder over Third Daughter. Worse, I didn't know it happened until an astute reader pointed out that her copy of Third Daughter wasn't Third Daughter at all... but some crazy mix of First Daughter's cover and Second Daughter's title page and something that said NOT FINAL DRAFT.


NOTE: The correct file is up there now, so if you click over right now and download Third Daughter, you'll get the right file.

The Fix
After a small heart attack, profuse thanks (and a new file) for my reader, and verifying the problem was still there, I hastily uploaded the correct file. And got on the phone with Amazon (via Author Central). The lady who picked up the phone is a saint, because I'm fairly certain I was mentally unhinged at that point.

"Hello, Amazon's Author Central, can I help you?"


I'm pretty sure that's a direct transcript. She somehow managed to expedite the upload of the new file, so within an hour, that was fixed. But that wasn't enough - I knew thousands of people had the wrong file sitting on their kindles already. It was possible for Amazon to "push out" the corrected version, via automatic updates and emails, but the people who did this wondrous task were gone for the day. So I had to wait until this morning... but the update finally came through! (*kisses Kindle* *hugs Amazon screen* *looks to see if anyone is watching*)

How To Get Your Updated File
Many of you will already have the correct version - either you downloaded before I made my epic fail or you have "automatic updates" turned on and Amazon has already updated it for you. If not, you should have received an email from Amazon telling you how to update the file. Essentially, you go to your Amazon account, click "Manage Your Content and Devices" and next to your Third Daughter download should be a new button that says "Update Available". Click that (and make sure your Kindle is connected to WiFi) and you should be all set.

My Apologies
I'm so sorry for the hassle! If for some reason, the above doesn't get you the right file, I will gladly help - or send you a file to replace it (just email me at Thanks for all your support! I will try to keep the Epic Failing to a minimum in the future.


p.s. Here's the info about Third Daughter again, in case you missed it before! All clear for clicking now!

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  1. Oh man! I'm happy you got the issue corrected.

    It's funny, today I was browsing the free scifi/fantasy ebooks in Amazon and saw Third Daughter in there. Been meaning to buy it for forever but it was a really nice surprise to see it so high up the list! If it's anything like your Delirium series I'm sure it's great. :)

  2. Oh my goodness, you ARE human! I'm glad you got it all worked out.

  3. It's nice to know you are human....I wasn't sure for the past couple years you've been a writing machine......

  4. Lol, devil's in the details, right? Better to be human:)


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