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Monday, October 6, 2014

Debt Collector Extravaganza.... and Season Two is Coming!

2014 Semi-Finalist in Science Fiction (Kindle Book Awards)
Season Two is coming... BEGINS 10.20
(Episodes 10-19)

Oh my lovely peeps, it's time for Debt Collector Season Two! I'm busy writing, designing covers, and generally gearing up for the launch of the first episode on October 20th!


1) There will be pre-orders - for individual episodes and the full Season Two (releases 12.15). Whether you want to go episode-by-episode or wait for the full season, pre-orders make it EASY to have Debt Collector simply SHOW UP on your kindle the instant it releases. Love, love, love.

2) There will be Season One giveaways - ALL WEEK - see below to enter giveaways here and on  Facebook, where there will be a NEW giveaway each day this week.

3) Season Two will release A NEW EPISODE EVERY MONDAY - starting 10.20. Nine episodes (numbered 10-19). NINE weekly releases. CRAZY PANTS I tell you. It's going to be fun. :)

4) Review Episode 1 to get Episode 10 - I want that first free episode to get some review love (so more people will give Debt Collector a try) as well as launch Season Two in an epic way, so I'm offering free advanced copies of Episode 10 to anyone who reviews Delirium (Debt Collector 1). ENTER HERE

5) Join the Debt Collector FB Group - I'll be switching the Debt Collector FB page over to a group for better interaction and discussion of DC stuff! JOIN HERE

Are you ready for this wild ride? 
Let's do this.

win audibook or paperback
Debt Collector Season One
a Rafflecopter giveaway

(easiest: just like my FB Page)
(don't try to enter in THE FUTURE - it won't work)

Monday 10.6 - ENTER HERE to win paperback of Season One
Tuesday 10.7 - ENTER HERE to win audiobook of Season One
Wednesday 10.8 - ENTER HERE to win mini-paperbacks of the first episode
Thursday - 10.9 - ENTER HERE to win ebooks of Season One
Friday 10.10 - ENTER HERE to win a free ARC of Episode 10 (Season Two)


  1. It'll be like Netfilxing season 1 to get ready for season 2!

  2. can't wait! Didn't get a chance to finish season 1 but I am going to try before the season 2 starts


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