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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

New Release: Insanity Tales by David Daniel, Stacey Longo, Vlad V., Ursula Wong, and Dale T. Phillips

 Adults only!
Enter a world of insanity as you encounter nine tales of murder, mayhem, and madness. Here you will find twisted psyches, peculiar people, and demons of the mind and spirit.

If you like your stories dark and scary, come take a stroll through this asylum, hearing ominous whispers or the shrieks of the unhinged echoing in your ears. You'll find yourself glancing nervously over your shoulder, or wondering about that odd-looking person at the bus stop . . . or even in the mirror. Come in, enjoy the trip, but step carefully, and watch the shadows, for you may never be the same again.

DAVID DANIEL’s novel Ark was pulled out the slush pile at St. Martin’s Press and published to wide acclaim. Since then he has published ten additional novels and more than a hundred short stories.

The Heaven Stone won a Private Eye Writers of America Award and was a Shamus Award finalist.

Among his books are The Tuesday Man, Goofy Foot, White Rabbit, Reunion, and two collections of short fiction: Six Off 66 and Coffin Dust, all available at

STACEY LONGO is the author of Ordinary Boy and Secret Things: Twelve Tales to Terrify. Her stories have appeared in numerous anthologies and magazines, including Shroud, Shock Totem, and the Litchfield Literary Review. A former humor columnist for the Block Island Times, she maintains a weekly humor blog at Her books are available on Amazon, through her website ( or on the Books & Boos site (

DALE T. PHILLIPS: Stephen King was Dale’s college writing teacher, and since then Dale has published four novels, over 30 short stories, story collections, poetry, and a non-fiction career book, How to Improve Your Interviewing Skills,

Dale has appeared on stage, television, and in an independent feature film, Throg. He competed on two nationally televised quiz shows, Jeopardy and Think Twice, losing on both in a spectacular fashion. He co-wrote and acted in The Nine, a short political satire film. He’s traveled to all 50 states, Mexico, Canada, and throughout Europe. Visit Dale’s website at

VLAD V. is the author of The Button, Yorick and Brachman’s Underworld. A freelance writer and former newspaper correspondent for the Lowell Sun and Fitchburg Sentinel & Enterprise, his work can be viewed at

His books are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble,, and through his website ( or on the Books & Boos website (

URSULA WONG grew up on a dairy farm in central Massachusetts, and went on to become a high tech engineer. Her stories have appeared in a number of magazines including Everyday Fiction and Spinetingler. She is a regional winner of the flash fiction contest sponsored by the New Hampshire Writer’s Project and she leads their Nashua chapter.

Her debut novel, Purple Trees, concerns madness in dairy country and is available on Amazon. Visit Ursula’s popular Reaching Readers Blog on her website (


  1. Susan, thank you for the showcase. We wanted to provide people with a good example of co-operation, of how a few writers can get together and produce something of quality in a short time, and help each other find a broader audience. A collaborative effort can provide a boost to a number of personal works. We feel that this will become more of the norm, of small groups pulling together for special projects.

  2. Even outside small collaborative teams, I've found a generosity among writers in the independent publishing arena that I've rarely found elsewhere. A thanks to you, Susan, and all the others who share that spirit.

  3. Those are my kind of stories - especially this time of year :)


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