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Friday, November 7, 2014

New Release: The Telepath Chronicles, Plus Kindle Paperwhite Giveaway (with EXCLUSIVE story The Locksmith by Susan Kaye Quinn) #mindjack

The Telepath Chronicles releases today! Don't miss the Facebook Party with TONS of prizes, including Mindjack paperbacks and audiobooks. 

now available

Fourteen of today's top sci-fi writers share stories of the uncanny and unexpected. 
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"amazing stories"
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Let me introduce you to Zeph...

The Locksmith (Susan Kaye Quinn)
In a world filled with mindreaders, Zeph is a mindjacker who wants to stay hidden—even if it means the cute mindreader in his Latin class is forever out of his reach. He locks and unlocks minds for a ruthless mindjacker Clan in exchange for protection and the chance to have a normal life with his parents and little sister. But when a girl he doesn’t know reveals the existence of mindjackers to the world, Zeph is forced to make a choice: unlock—and ultimately destroy—the mind of a young jacker changeling… or turn his back on everyone he loves.

The Locksmith takes place in the same world as Kira's story, and unfolds in the time period right at the end of Open Minds, but Zeph walks on the darker side of the world of mindjackers and mindreaders.

For now, The Locksmith is EXCLUSIVE to The Telepath Chronicles!



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Facebook party runs from 5-11pm EST Friday 11.7
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Come talk telepathy, SF, and all kinds of science of the mind!


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