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Monday, December 8, 2014

Debt Collector and Third Daughter On Tour - SIGN UP! #bollypunk #urbanfantasy

I have TWO blog tours coming up! The first is a release day blast of Debt Collector Season Two (12.15) - it will include paperback giveaways. The second is a tour with Sonali Dev (The Bollywood Affair) for my bollypunk/steampunk romance (Third Daughter) on 1.19-1.23 - and will include review copies, paperback giveaways, and great Bollywood prizes. Check out the sign-ups below! I hope you will join us!

Enchantress Book Tour - Release Day Blast - 12.15
Includes rafflecopter giveaway of
paperbacks of Debt Collector

includes Bollywood giveaways and review copies
Jan. 19th - 23rd

Rated two of the Top 10 E-Romances by Library Journal, Bollywood Affair author Sonali Dev and Third Daughter author Susan Kaye Quinn are hosting a joint Bollywood Giveaway Blog Event! We will be giving away books, scarves, Indian jewelry, and henna-tattoos! Also available: Q&A with Sue and Sonali about Love and Arranged Marriage, as well as review copies of Third Daughter. Sign up below to host the event on your blog on Jan. 19th - 23rd!

Thanks so much for helping spread the word about these books!



  1. Thanks for allowing me to help out with the Debt Collector Season One blog tour. I enjoyed Lirium's story and wanted to get the word out.


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