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Monday, March 2, 2015

New Release: The Legacy Human (Singularity #1) YA SF by Susan Kaye Quinn - plus WIN A Kindle Fire!

The Legacy Human is here... and the response is blowing me away. 28 five-star reviews on Amazon, 260+ people already signed up for the launch party, and readers snagging copies of the book at the introductory price right and left. After two years of working on this new series, I'm beyond excited at the early enthusiasm for Eli's story. Check out all the details of the launch, the giveaways, and the party below!

Spiritual successor to the bestselling Mindjack trilogy...



When transcending humanity is the prize,
winning the Game is all that matters.
Seventeen-year-old Elijah Brighton wants to become an ascender—a post-Singularity human/machine hybrid—after all, they’re smarter, more enlightened, more compassionate, and above all, achingly beautiful. But Eli is a legacy human, preserved and cherished for his unaltered genetic code, just like the rainforest he paints. When a fugue state possesses him and creates great art, Eli miraculously lands a sponsor for the creative Olympics. If he could just master the fugue, he could take the gold and win the right to ascend, bringing everything he’s yearned for within reach… including his beautiful ascender patron. But once Eli arrives at the Games, he finds the ascenders are playing games of their own. Everything he knows about the ascenders and the legacies they keep starts to unravel… until he’s running for his life and wondering who he truly is.

The Legacy Human is the first in Susan Kaye Quinn's new young adult science fiction series that explores the intersection of mind, body, and soul in a post-Singularity world... and how technology will challenge us to remember what it means to be human.

"This book is Hunger Games (without the violence or controversy) meets Divergent."

"If I were a movie producer, I would option this in a heartbeat."

"This story is so intense I felt I couldn't get a proper breath."

"Science fiction with philosophical depth!"

"Palpable intelligent fiction at its best, for any age reader."

To celebrate, I'm giving away...

A Kindle Fire
Gift Cards
Paperbacks and Audiobooks

IT'S WILDNESS! CATS AND DOGS... okay, maybe not. But it is EPIC!

for the Kindle Fire
(I want the hot pink one!)


to win even more stuff
ALL DAY March 2nd 9a-9p

Not only is there all kinds of stuff to win at the party, there's a fabulous lineup of SF authors guest-hosting all day long! I expect massive geeking out, science fiction-y fun, and possible discussions of the coming of our Robot Overlords. Stop by and have fun!

SCHEDULE - 9am - 9pm Chicago Time (GMT-6)
9a - 12p - Sue (Singularity)
1p - 2p - Jen Foehner Wells (Fluency)
2p - 2:30p - Endi Webb (Terran Gambit)
3p - 4p - Rysa Walker (Timebound)
5p - 5:30p - Wes Davies (Binary Cycle)
5:30 - 6:30p - Sue (Singularity)
6:30p - 7p - David Simpson (Post Human)
7p - 8p - Elena E. Giorgi (Chimeras)
8p - 9p - Jessica Keller (Saving Yesterday)

Hugs and Ascender Kisses,




  1. I wish I could buy these they sound wonderful. I had thought my granddaughter would like them, she isn't into reading. So sorry for her she doesn't know what she is missing.

  2. I wish I could buy these they sound wonderful. I had thought my granddaughter would like them, she isn't into reading. So sorry for her she doesn't know what she is missing.


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