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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Closed Hearts (Mindjack #2) on SALE!

Mindjack Blowout!

I don't put the Mindjack series on sale - the first book is always free, and the individual short stories are free on Kindle Unlimited - but I got accepted for an ad I couldn't pass up (Bookbub FTW!), and now Closed Hearts is ranking #600 in the Kindle store. Grab it while it's on sale... and win one of five cute paperbacks of my short Mindjack story, The Locksmith!

Get the novellas too

**free on Kindle Unlimited**

Raf's story - 99cents

Julian's story - 99cents

Sasha's story - 99cents

Kira's story - 99cents

Zeph's story - 99cents


one of five paperbacks

of Zeph's novella


Hugs and Telepathic Kisses,


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