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Monday, August 24, 2015

Dark Beyond The Stars - Snag This Amazing Space Opera Anthology For A Limited Time


The Dark Beyond The Stars anthology is here! I'm crazy excited to be in this space opera anthology with authors like Jennifer Foehner Wells, Rysa Walker, Ann Christy, Annie Bellet... and on and on... 11 bestselling SF authors and every, single one of them is a rockstar. 

Hugo-award winning cover artist
11 best-selling SF authors
space opera anthology

limited time introductory price

"Rich and engaging stories"
"A diverse universe packed with strong female characters"
"A.I.s, clones, survivors, oh my!"
"Harkens back to Asimov, Heinlein, and Clarke."

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My Story
In the same story-world as The Legacy Human

(Stories of Singularity #2)
The Mining Master of Thebe is all alone… not counting the scavenger drones, foundry nanites, and magtread tractors buzzing across the tiny Jovian moon. So when a spindly tower of rocks mysteriously appears at the pole, it’s enough to vex the Mining Master’s machine-sourced intelligence like dust trapped in a harvester joint. Reporting it could mean reassignment to the Outer Belt… but probing the mystery further threatens to unlock something that might have been better left... contained.

Grab the entire anthology for the price of a single story!
Only 99cents!

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