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Friday, January 8, 2016

Debt Collector Snag's Spot as Library Journal's 2015 Top SELF-ebook!

My gritty future-noir series snagged a spot in Library Journal's Top 2015 SELF-ebooks!

Go Lirium and Wraith!

To celebrate, I'm giving away PRINT COPIES of Debt Collector (reader choice of both Season One and Season Two)!


  1. That KS for the giveaway . A paperback would be great. I'm old skol. Love paperbacks and hardback verses ebook. But I love these books.

  2. Congratulations, Susan!! So exciting! :)

  3. Good luck I know this book will do good.

  4. I loved season one! 5 stars! I've got to read season 2.

  5. Looks great! Incredible cover too:)

  6. Congratulations n best wishes for ur continued success!!! I have yet to win a giveaway :) but kudos to u anyway.

  7. Joyce Potter

    I love your books, I have read most of your books. Looking forward to reading season 2 on Debt Collector Book.

  8. I've read your Mindjack series and really enjoyed it. I'm in the Legacy series now and am enjoying it also. Would love to read this series too.

  9. Looking forward to another great read!


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