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I've been self-publishing since 2011, and I've shared the knowledge I've gained in two books: the Indie Author Survival Guide, Second Edition, and For Love or Money. I'm not an indie rockstar or a breakout success: I'm one of thousands of solidly midlist indie authors making a living with their works. These books are my way of helping my fellow authors discover the freedom of indie publishing. Write on, writer-friends!

S.K. Quinn, Independent Author of Science Fiction

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Indie Author Survival Guide (2nd Edition)
Want to self-publish? This book will show you how to not only get your works out into the world, but publish them well. With inspirational essays and a step-by-step practical approach, the Guide helps you tackle your fears, plan for success, create a beautiful book package, and market without feeling like a slimeball. It's a guide for the heart as much as the head, designed to help you launch into your publishing journey successfully.

If you’re a first-time-publishing author, this book will help you avoid common mistakes and get the best possible start for a new author in 2016. If you’ve already published, but want to reboot your existing series or launch a new one, the Guide will help you navigate the self-publishing landscape as it stands today.

The Indie Author Survival Guide is meant to be used in tandem with For Love or Money, the second book in the Crafting a Self-Publishing Career series. Together, these two books will set you on a path of turning your love for storytelling into a career.

Amazon Reviews
"This book is full of practical tips about independent publishing and is very easy to read."

"It covers everything from dealing with the fear of putting your creative work out there, to choosing an editor and cover artist. It's a must-own!"

For Love or Money
Do you write for love or money? With the advent of indie publishing, this question vexes writers like it never has before—for the first time, you can literally chase trends, feeding the fans of that lucrative genre that’s flying off the shelves. But what if the stories you love to write aren’t the kind that are selling like ice water in July? How do you create a career in writing that you both love and hits the financial success you need to justify the hours spent at the keyboard?

For Love or Money talks about writing for love (and how to sell that) as well as writing for money (and how to love it). It contains serious strategies about making money with your books, living the freedom of indie publishing, and stretching yourself creatively in your career. For authors willing to take a hard look at themselves and the market, this book will lay out the necessary steps to create your dream writing career.

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